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Friday's show: School guards, gun control and other stories of the day

We will look at the gun control debate, the NRA and discussions about school guards.........North Korea sanctions..........and other stories.....

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Friday's video: School security is priority # 1

Let’s move beyond politics and address the issue of school security. I’d prefer guards but will consider arming teachers in larger school grounds.........
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The attacks on the NRA are going to backfire big-time

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The other night, CNN promoted a debate about gun control that ended up being an ongoing attack on the NRA, the organization representing those of us who believe that school shootings are a lot more complicated than just talking about guns.
Will it be effective, or will it backfire?
Let me introduce you to Conor Lamb, a Democrat:
Democrat Connor Lamb is holding firm in his belief that Congress doesn’t need to pass stricter gun control laws following the school shooting in Florida, insisting the best way to deter these kinds of horrific events is to enforce the laws on the books.
The stance puts Mr. Lamb in line with President Trump and the candidate’s Republican rival Rick Saccone in the special congressional race here in western Pennsylvania, which is doubling as the first electoral test of post-Florida gun politics. 
Mr. Lamb is a sensible man.  He probably remembers what happened to V.P. Gore in 2000.  Back then, V.P. Gore tried to compete with Bill Bradley during the Democrat primaries over gun control.  It came back to haunt him when he ran against Governor Bush.  It was probably one of the reasons he did not carry Tennessee or Arkansas.  It did not help him in the rural areas in Ohio, either.
This is why it would make a lot more sense for President Trump and Congress to focus on two sensible objectives: securing the schools and making sure there is background information in background checks.
What we saw last night on CNN won’t move the ball forward, but it will probably increase the NRA’s intensity in 2018.
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Wonder what those red-state Democrats think of that "bash the NRA" travesty last night at CNN?

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