Saturday, October 05, 2019

President is right: Inquiry is not impeachment!

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In a great move, President Trump is daring the Democrats to impeach him.  He wants the Democrats to impeach or stop bothering him.  And Judge Napolitano agrees with his reasoning:
Fox News senior judicial analyst and Fox Nation host Judge Andrew Napolitano backed the legal argument behind a White House letter expected to be sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., arguing that the White House does not have to comply with the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.
The letter, which may be sent as early as Friday, apparently dares Pelosi to put the question of a formal impeachment inquiry before the House of Representatives for a vote.
On Sept. 24, Pelosi announced that House Democrats would undertake the probe without asking for the support of the members of the House.
Inquiry is not impeachment.
An inquiry is just a nice way of avoiding the floor vote.  It keeps a lot of the so-called “moderates” from having to take a position on impeachment.
It also keeps the Left happy for now.  My guess is that they may be joining President Trump and demanding a vote, too.
No matter what, Speaker Pelosi will lose.  The Democrats do not have a “high crime or misdemeanor” to move forward with.
Keep on calling for an impeachment vote. 
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