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Impeach without impeaching vote plus other stories

Impeach without impeaching vote plus other stories 11/01 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

No one voted to impeach......This is a gimmick to please the left wing......Swing states and impeachment.......The Sistine Chapel 1512.....President & Mrs. Adams moved into the new presidential home 1800..........and more stories.......

Friday’s video: No one voted to impeach....

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Friday’s video:
No one voted to impeach....this is not impeachment but a gimmick to please the left wing.....
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Voters understand impeachment better than House Democrats do

The House Democrats voted to “impeach without impeaching.”  In other words, they have to keep the left happy by talking impeachment and keep the “moderates” happy by not impeaching.
Out in the country, the public has mixed feelings about the whole thing.  A new analysis by Byron York confirms that “the folks” are not really “there” or ready to pull the trigger:  
The Suffolk numbers suggest many Americans hold complex views of the Trump impeachment. Some are fine with the continued investigation, although large numbers don’t believe they have yet seen an impeachable offense. The numbers of people who are ready to impeach Trump now, or who believe the whole thing should be called off, are not big enough to win the day.
Just as they did after the release of the Mueller report, Democrats now hope televised hearings will convince Americans that the president must be impeached. It didn’t work out before. 
Now, the Suffolk poll suggests Democrats should be cautious as they try again.
Yes, they should be.
What this poll suggests to me is that most people are not caught up in the impeachment frenzy. 
In other words, most Americans understand that Founding Fathers added the impeachment clause for “high crimes” not to contest the last election.
So the House Democrats would be wise to listen to voters rather than their hysterical left wing.
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