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Indiana proves the left is desperate for a cause

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Over the last 72 hours, my instincts about the desperation of the left have been confirmed.  In other words, the left is very angry, disappointed with President Obama, not excited about Secretary Clinton, and cognizant that Senator Warren can't get elected.

In short, this is not the way that year seven of "hope and change" was supposed to go! 

Most of them imagined on election night 2008 that their beloved president would now be starting his version of "The Derek Jeter Farewell Tour."  In other words, President Obama would spend years seven and eight touring the world to the roar of admiring crowds thankful that he came along to save us when he did.

No farewell tour here.  Just a tough 18 months before Obama is liberated from this responsibility and goes to wherever he goes next.  

How else do you explain the overreaction to the Indiana law?

First, this is "the anti-gay law that wasn't," as J.W. Antle III noted:
No shoes, no shirt, no heterosexuality, no service.
Celebrities and all right-thinking people are boycotting the new “hate state” over its discriminatory return to the dark ages. There’s just one problem: the law doesn’t say any of these things.
Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act doesn’t give blanket permission to businesses to deny service to gays or anyone else. (If a business truly wants to avoid serving sinners, it will have zero customers.) It doesn’t mention sexual orientation at all.
This law is no attempt to deny anyone anything, unless you are picking fights, as the left is.

The bottom line is that American leftists are looking at a political landscape quite different from the one they dreamed of the night they were crying about Mr. Obama's victory.  They've seen the future, and it ain't pretty, as we say in Texas.

First, Obamacare may be blown up this June by the Supreme Court.  Truthfully, the law may survive another court challenge, but not economic reality.  There are not enough healthy people signing up, and they call that a death spiral.  Obamacare is dead in the water, but Valerie Jarrett doesn't know how to break the news to President Obama.

Second, our foreign policy is a disaster.  "De-Bushing" the world has not made us safer or more reliable.  On the contrary, there is now huge concern everywhere that the U.S. is out of touch with reality.

Third, the once inevitable Democrat emerging majority did not emerge.  Demographics are wonderful as long as people vote.  As we know, many in the Democrat base just don't vote.  

By the way, I disagree with the conventional wisdom that the young, blacks, and single women don't vote because they're not interested in politics.  

My theory is that they have nothing to vote for.  Seven years of our first black president has not done a darned bit of good to our black districts.  Seven years after screaming "yes we can," and young people can't find work.  

Fourth, "same-sex marriage" is indeed headed to the Supreme Court.  However, there is no guarantee that the Court will do a Roe v. Wade and make same-sex marriage legal.  My guess is that they will send it back to the states and let people deal with it.  The left does not like that, because many of these state legislatures are now run by the GOP. 

Fifth, the U.S. economy is a mixed bag.  We just learned that manufacturing growth has slowed.  The GDP grew 2.2% in the 4th quarter of 2014.  "Hope and change" has not translated into "happy days are here again"!

Overall, it's an ugly world for the left.  

This is why Indiana gives them something to rally around.  

It takes them back to that November night in 2008 or to the happy "yes we can" college rally.  

They all get to scream and tell each other what they believe in.  

They all get to tell us how tolerant they are but won't tolerate anyone with an honest difference, such as a baker who won't bake a cake for a same-sex couple because his religious convictions don't permit it.

The good news is that they are losing.  The bad news is that they are going to get very desperate, irrational, and in-your-face. 

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