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Jay Z silent about a black Cuban rapper in prison


We hear in the "rumor mill" that rap star and sports agent Jay Z is trying to get Yankees superstar Robinson Cano a huge new baseball contract. Good luck with that!

Let's hope that Jay-Z takes a minute and remembers a rapper sitting in a Cuban prison, as reported in The NY Post:

"Back in May we rapped the rapper after he and wife BeyoncĂ© spent their fifth wedding anniversary in Cuba.  

There they extolled the Communist island while saying nothing about a local rapper, Angel Yunier Remon - better known as "El Critico del Arte" - who was jailed for doing exactly what Jay Z does in his music.   

Cuban friends tell us El Critico is now near death, in a hospital after 19 days on a hunger strike.    

"He asked that it be known that he's committed to 'freedom or death,' which is his take on the Cuban regime's official mantra - 'socialism, homeland or death,' " says Mauricio Claver-Crone, executive director of the Washington-based Cuba Democracy Advocates.    

So how about it, Jay Z? How about doing a fellow rapper a solid and asking Raul Castro to free a man who's dying in a Cuban prison for doing what you do every day?"   

It would be a step in the right direction if Jay-Z would come out and blast the Cuban regime about putting rapper Angel Yunier Ramon-Arzuaga in jail for "rappin"!  
Rappin' in the US makes you a millionaire. Rappin" in Cuba puts you in jail. 

Can someone tell Jay-Z that?

Click here for my chat with Jorge Ponce about Cuba:

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An angry liberal is a guy who just got his new ObamaCare policy

(My new American Thinker post)

Over the years, we've all had fun with quotes and phrases about liberals. 

In fact, one of my favorites is John Hawkins' 25 best quotes about liberals.  Here is a good one from that list:

"To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil. -- Charles Krauthammer"

Let me quote another one, or # 26th.  In fact, this is about the angry liberal who just saw reality.

Who is an angry liberal?  Let me suggest that it's a liberal who spent the last 5 years defending ObamaCare and just got a quote about his new premium.

Case in point:  Former MSNBC host and "yes we can" screamer Dylan Ratigan:

"I bought a catastrophic health policy for $170/mo when I left MSNBC. Obamacare cancelled the policy. New rate $600/mo. Thnx Mr. President!"  

It gets better:

"I have been a long time advocate of catastrophic with a transparent mkt for routine. Struck me as interesting that that is illegal now."  

Our first instinct is to say "I told you so," or what we told Democrats in New York City who got fed up with crime in the late 1980s. They became Guliani Democrats!  

My second reaction is to say "welcome and let me tell you what else is wrong with the liberalism" that you've been supporting for years. 

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'Where have all the workers gone?'

(My new American Thinker post)

Another Friday and another mixed "jobs report":  

"On Friday, the Labor Department reported that 720,000 Americans left the labor force. This exodus pushed the labor force participation rate down to 62.8%, the lowest level since 1978. One out of three adults in neither working nor actively looking for work."   

At the same time, the "official" rate went up to 7.3% and 204,000 new jobs were created.

Let's be honest and cheer any kind of jobs growth.  We are happy that "better than expected" jobs were created. Let's remember that these are fellow Americans not statistics.

However, this month's report suffers from the same disease as the ones before:

1) Where have all the workers gone?  What are these people doing to make a living? 

2) The economy is not creating enough jobs. We still have "growth" on the 5th anniversary of "the 2009 stimulus."

3) Higher premiums and policy cancellations due to ObamaCare will not help job creation either.  Employers do not hire people when they feel uncertain about the economy.  

The ObamaCare impact on the US economy may only be starting, as The Las Vegas Review Journal just reported:   

"On Halloween, at, Avik Roy pointed out the far scarier truth: nearly 80 million Americans could be getting cancellation notices from their employer-based plans by next October, as those companies prepare for Obamacare's employer mandate to go into effect in January 2015. The plans - like Ms. Sundby's - have changed enough to no longer qualify for Obamacare's dubious "grandfather" clause."

Let me paraphrase Peter Paul & Mary? 

Where have all of the workers gone?  Gone to "under unemployment" everyone! 

Or maybe "gone to pay higher premiums" everyone!  

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