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Tuesday's podcast: Bad polls for Biden...Title 42....Abbott deploys forces to border....

Tuesday's podcast:    

Bad polls for Biden...Title 42....Abbott deploys forces to border....

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Tuesday's video: Bad polls for Biden...Title 42....Abbott deploys forces to the border.....and more

Tuesday's video: 
 Bad polls for Biden...Title 42....Abbott deploys forces to the border.....and more


Chile coming to its senses

 (My new American Thinker post)

Not long ago, leftist President Gabriel Boric was elected in a tight election and many, myself included, feared that Chile may be going down the wrong path.   

Boric rode a wave of discontent over COVID, a RINO problem on the right, low economic growth, and a poorly organized opposition.

That was then, and this is now.  

Over the weekend, Chileans sent a strong signal that they don't want a Cuba or Venezuela in their future.  

This is the story:    

Chile's far-right Republican Party finished in first place Sunday in a nationwide vote to choose the 50 members of a committee that will draft a replacement to the country's dictatorship-era constitution, according to an official count.   

The Servel election authority reported that with almost all ballots counted, the Republican Party had won 35 percent of the vote, corresponding to 22 seats on the constitutional rewrite committee.

Traditional right-wing parties won a further 21 percent, giving conservatives an additional 11 seats, while the left-wing coalition supported by President Gabriel Boric finished with 29 percent, or 11 committee members.

It is the second time that voters in the South American country have been called to take part in the rewriting of the 1980 constitution, adopted under the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship.

In September, a previous text produced by a constitutional assembly made up mostly of political independents was rejected by 62 percent of voters.

Huge victory and a strong signal that Chilean voters want no part of a new constitution based on climate change and socialism. Economist Dan Mitchell has more commentary on this big defeat for the left, here. (See this, too.)

It is also a ray of hope for Colombians who also saw a leftist win a close election last year.

My good Chilean friend, who goes back to my school days, told me on the phone that voters are frustrated with crime and the economy.  He agrees with me that Baric's election was a wake up call to the middle class, and Chile has a large middle class.  Many conservative voters were angry and divided thus making it possible for Baric to win.  It looks like Chileans had a glimpse of the future and got their act together and voted against the left.

Cheers for Chile today.

We remember May 9

May 9, 2020 Calendar with Holidays & Count Down - USA

We remember May 9:

"Hello dolly":  On this day in 1964, Louis Armstrong ended The Beatles' historic domination of the US pop charts.   The band from the UK had the # 1 song on Billboard for 100 days.  It was truly amazing! 

Hall of Famer:    We remember Tony Gwynn who was born on this day in 1960.  He put together an amazing career:  .338 career average or the best since Ted Williams retired with a .344 average.   Unfortunately, I did not get to see Gwynn play because I’ve always lived in AL cities.   He was the quiet superstar and best pure hitter since Rod Carew.

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From "Los Reyes Magos" to Santa Claus: Cuban Americans and Christmas

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A Cuban American roundtable....
Jorge Ponce, columnist, Fernando Hernandez, author, Amarilys Rassler, author, and Tersi Bidenburg, storyteller...............We will discuss our first Christmas in the US......and any memories of our last Christmas in Cuba............my guests and I share a Cuban American experience going back to the 1960s when we left the island for political reasons........we grew up in the US in a Cuban American culture that combined Santa Claus & Los Reyes Magos..............plus talk about our projects of 2015 and plans for 2016...
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