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Impeachment update plus Mexico & Covington kids and other stories

Impeachment update plus Mexico & Covington kids and other stories 01/21 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Impeachment update.....Homicides in Mexico at historic levels.....Mexico's actions in Guatemala border have stopped caravans.......The Covington kids winning and opening the door for more lawsuits........Happy # 79 Placido Domingo....Happy # 51 Rusty Greer.....Wolfman Jack 1938-95...........other stories.......

Tuesday’s video: Roe v Wade 47 years later....

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Tuesday’s video:
Roe v Wade 47 years later....
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Mexico does not want them either

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During lunch last week, I mentioned to a Mexican friend that President Andres Lopez-Obrador is supporting President Trump by stopping the caravans from coming in.
He said yes and no.  Let me explain what he is saying.
Yes, it is true that the U.S. warned Mexico about people showing up at the border in the infamous caravans that made the front pages months ago.  It sure looks like Mexico has become the immigration enforcer, or something like that.
My friend also said no.  In other words he feels that President Lopez-Obrador is reacting to local pressures about illegal immigration.  
Let me translate:  They don’t want chaotic caravans either.  
Last summer, Reforma published a poll about Mexican attitudes about caravans. 
It concluded this:   
The poll says that 55 percent of respondents favor deportation, while 33 percent are for granting temporary asylum to the Central Americans, and only 7 percent would give them legal residence in Mexico.Likewise, 64 percent say migrants are a burden and cost Mexican citizens jobs, while 20 percent said they contribute to the country with their work and talent.
Yes, President Trump has taken a tough stance on illegal immigration.  He should get credit for that.  
At the same time, Mexico is doing its share and it has more to do with them and us.
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We remember Wolfman Jack (1938-95)

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We remember Robert Weston Smith who was born in New York City on this day in 1938.    He died in 1995.

We know him as "Wolfman Jack", the legendary host of Top 40 radio and the DJ scene from "American Graffiti". 

In the 1960's, Wolfman Jack hosted a show based in Mexico (15 miles south of the border) and a 250.000 watts AM station.   He was heard all over the West Coast and a lot further than that, too.

So "Clap for the wolfman":

Happy # 51 to Rusty Greer

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We say happy birthday to Rusty Greer who was born in Arkansas on this day in 1969.

He played his first game back in May 1994.   I don't think that the Rangers expected Rusty to blossom into the major league that he became:   .305 career batting average, 1,166 hits in 1,027 games!

From 1996 to 1999, a four year span, Rusty hit .332, .321, .306 and .300.     He drove in 396 RBI over those four seasons.    The Rangers won the AL West in 3 of those years.

Unfortunately, injuries caught up with Rusty's aggressive style.    He retired after the 2002 season.    Can you imagine what his numbers would have looked like if he had played 15 seasons?    

Rusty is one of my all time favorite players and continues to work with the organization.

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We remember Tony Blankley (1948-2012)

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We remember Tony Blankley who was born in London, UK, on this day in 1948.   

Like many of you, I was saddened to hear that Tony Blankley passed away.  

He was one of my favorite pundits on print, radio and TV.  His style was that of a very thoughtful conservative.

Barry Casselman wrote a great column about his friend Tony:
"There was much more than can be retold here. Tony always carried with him an impish and sophisticated sense of humor, a genuine intellectual openness, a caring personality and old-world gentlemanly charm. I think his history as a DC staffer (albeit for Reagan and Gingrich), and his talk show appearances, may have led some to underestimate Tony’s original and visionary mind. The best evidence of that are his recent books "The West's Last Chance" and "American Grit" which, in my opinion, will outlast a lot of books by "official" historians and analysts whose work is currently trendy and popular. My sadness at his early loss is thus not only personal and selfish (one gets to have few friends in a lifetime like Tony), but also because he had more books with more profound insights to give, insights I might suggest, that might have been critical to the survival of a civilization and a republic whose best traits Tony Blankly stood for and practiced every day of his exemplary life."
He was a real favorite and we will miss him a lot. 

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