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A look at the political situation in Mexico with Therese Margolis

Guest: Therese Margolis, Editor Pulse News Mexico.........We will review the situation in Mexico..........and other to listen:

Thursday’s video: Warren is “the unelectable nominee”.....

Thursday’s video: Warren is “the unelectable nominee”..... Click to watch

Remember when President Trump spoke of corruption in Puerto Rico?

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A couple of years ago, President Trump was blasted for saying that there was corruption in Puerto Rico.
Well, look what just happened down on the island:
A Puerto Rico senator awaiting trial on fraud charges was taken into custody Wednesday morning by federal authorities in connection with an investigation into alleged corruption that also resulted in the arrests of seven others, officials said.
Abel Nazario, a 49-year-old currently serving in the U.S. territory’s 26th Senate, was apprehended as part of the probe, an FBI spokesperson said, but further information on the nature of the charges was not immediately revealed. Information was not immediately available about the seven others who were arrested Wednesday in connection with the probe.
According to news reports, Mr. Nazario benefited from money withheld from employees when he was mayor of the town of Yauco.
As my Puerto Rican friend said, wait, because there is more coming.
Sadly, Puerto Rico has a corruption problem.  I guess that it took a bad hurricane and an inefficient power plant to reveal it all.
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