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Democrats and media gave us Biden plus media credibility down & more

Democrats and media gave us Biden plus media credibility down & more 07/19 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

Democrats and media gave us Biden.....Collapse in credibility of news media.....The First Lady supports the President......Apollo 11 on the way to the moon...
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Tuesday's video: Democrats and media gave us Biden plus media credibility down & more

Tuesday's video: 
 Democrats and media gave us Biden plus media credibility down & more.....

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Dear Dems: you did that!

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It seems that a day doesn't go by without another update on Democrats having second thoughts about President Biden.  Do you recall the last time that 81 million voters soured so fast on a president?

The problem is that the Democrats made this possible because it was all about beating Trump.  Yes, they beat Trump, but they are now desperately dealing with a failed presidency.  Beyond voters, the media that made the "candidate in the basement" possible is also souring on the anti-Trump, as Glenn Greenwald wrote:  

The legacy media has taken a hostile turn against President Biden in recent months between questioning his fitness and casting doubt on a re-election bid, but independent journalist Glenn Greenwald believes news organizations do not necessarily want to take him down ahead of 2024 but rather Democrats themselves. 

"The concerns about his cognitive decline emanated not from supporters of Bernie Sanders nor from supporters of Donald Trump, they came from these kinds of inside DC strategists and operatives who in 2019 were petrified that Biden would win the Democratic nomination basically by inertia -- through name recognition, from having been Obama's vice president. And they were deeply worried that he was not capable of sustaining the rigors of a campaign. And they were the ones sounding the alarm in 2019 that he's not the same Joe Biden," Greenwald told Fox News in an interview last week. "And he ended up winning despite that and never had to test himself with the rigors of the campaign things to the COVID pandemic where he got to basically just speak from his basement and speak to a few friendly interviewers. So we'll never have known whether that they were right. They're the ones who are concerned about it."

"And you know, we're now three or four years later and the decline is palpable. I mean, you know, everyone who has a grandparent recognizes what's going on with Joe Biden, on top of which they're likely to get destroyed in the 2022 midterm election because he's become the single most unpopular president in post-World War Two history for a first-term midterm president. So obviously, Democrats are petrified that he's going to try and run again and clear the field," Greenwald continued.

That's right.  Everyone "esta en panico" as my late Cuban mother used to say.

Unfortunately, blaming Biden's age or troubling "live TV" performances is a bit too late. The Democrats did this and the media was with them all the way.  What's that line about be careful what you wish for?

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