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Friday's show: The "memo" and a few other stories with Frank Burke, author

Guest:  Frank Burke, author, businessman & contributor to American Thinker...............we will discuss the national security memo................and other stories.....

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Friday's video # 2: The memo is out and it is very bad!

The memo was released and we have some serious of corruption........

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Friday's video: Release the memo and let's see what happens

Let’s release the memo and find out what really guess is that we’re headed for an independent counsel......fasten your seatbelts!

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A thought about DACA

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As I see in news reports, the Democrats are saying no to President Trump’s DACA proposal:    
Democrats are responding to President Donald Trump’s proposal to give 1.8 million young undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship in exchange for $25 billion for his long-promised wall — and they’re not happy.
“Dreamers should not be held hostage to President Trump’s crusade to tear families apart and waste billions of American tax dollars on an ineffective wall,” Sen. Dick Durbin, the Illinois Democrat who has fought for protection for participants in the expiring Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, said in a statement.
President Trump’s offer to legalize 1.8 million “Dreamers” in exchange for border security and immigration enforcement enhancements is very fair for two reasons:
First, it respects those who believe that illegal immigration has to stop. You can’t stop illegal immigration if you encourage it by legalizing people from time to time. At some point, the U.S. has to make the point that border is real and people need to ask for permission to come here. By the way, that’s what every other country does.
Second, it is generous because no other country would commit to such a legalization, a detail that no one mentions.
What would happen to a young Central American illegally in Mexico? The judge would deport him and say that Mexican law does not make exceptions for how old you were or how you came into the country.
So this is a fair offer in every way. Opposition to this offer simply confirms that the Democrats are not serious about immigration reform or DACA. They just want the marches and angry people.
The offer is on the table. Let’s see what happens!

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A word about The Super Bowl

The memo raises several questions

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Here are two key points of the memo, according to Power Line:   

The fake “dossier” compiled by Christopher Steele with the assistance of unknown Russians “formed an essential part of the Carter Page FISA application. 
In fact, McCabe testified before the committee that no FISA warrant would have been sought without the fake dossier. 
Steele was paid over $160,000 by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign to come up with derogatory information–true or false, apparently–on Donald Trump.
DOJ and FBI failed to mention in their FISA application that it was based on opposition research paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC, even though this apparently was known to the FBI. 
This is very serious.   My guess is that the partisanship will drive this to an independent counsel.   

Confident about Hillary winning

Something To Think About Before You Go Shopping For A New Home....

Remember the one about "the blue wave"?

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Remember the one about "the blue wave"?   

Nate Cohn of New York Times raises an interesting question in this headline:  
"Last month it seemed that Democrats might ride a giant tsunami to control of the House and Senate. Now, some are wondering whether there’s a Democratic wave at all."
As I've posted before, it's too early in February to predict November's election results.   However, it is not too early to say that all of the talk about "the blue wave" is very premature.

Wait until summer.

Some questions after the memo

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Chris Buskirk has a few questions now that the memo has been released:
1) What role did Hillary Clinton play?
2) Was Attorney General Loretta Lynch involved with these efforts to surveil associates of the Trump campaign and, if so, to what extent?
3) We know that Susan Rice and Samantha Power were both involved in unmasking the names of U.S. citizens who were being targeted in this surveillance. Were they coordinating with elements within the FBI and/or the Justice Department? Were they coordinating with the DNC and Clinton campaign to give Hillary an electoral advantage?
4) What did Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton really discuss during their tarmac meeting in Phoenix on June 27, 2016.
5) Did Barack Obama know about and/or participate in a conspiracy to use the police and surveillance powers of the federal government to undermine Donald Trump and rig the presidential election? Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) wants to see Obama and Clinton’s emails.
6) Who else was at the meeting attended by McCabe, Strozk, and Page where they discussed an “insurance policy” against Trump’s election? How often did they meet, where did they meet, and what did they discuss?
7) Why couldn’t the FBI, which touts its forensic expertise, locate the Strozk-Page texts but the Inspector General did it in two days?
8) What is the “insurance policy” Strozk and Page discussed? Is that a reference to the conspiracy itself?
9) To whom in the media did the FBI leak information about their Trump spying? How long and how extensive was this disinformation campaign.
10) What discussions took place among Justice Department resisters about refusing to obey Trump’s direction as president?
Well, let's find out some answers.

Wonder what the FISA judge thinks now?

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As we are learning, a FISA judge signed off on a warrant based on politicized information.   Wonder what the judge thinks about it now?

Democrats have money problems

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What happened to all of that intensity?   This is a report that puts all of that intensity in real doubt:   
The Democratic Party is carrying more than $6 million in debt, according to year-end filings — and has just $6.5 million in the bank. Do the math, and the party is working with just over $400,000 overall. Meanwhile, the Republicans are swimming in pools of money. 
The Republican National Committee had raised $132 million by the end of 2017 — about twice as much as the DNC — and entered 2018 with almost $40 million to spare, with not a penny of debt.
Intensity where?

Super Bowl 2018: Patriots vs Eagles

Pelosi is not helping Democrats

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Charlie Hurt is right about Mrs. Pelosi:  
"She has become so consumed with her disapproval and even, I would say, hatred of Donald Trump, she's kind of lost sight of any mission or any vision for what her party stands for...."   

December 2008: Bush responsibly moved the ball forward

A post from December 2008:

Let me say it again. I don't support an auto industry bailout.

Nevertheless, it was important to move this issue forward so that the new administration can deal with it.

This is what happened today:
"President Bush tossed General Motors and Chrysler a temporary lifeline from the taxpayers on Friday, announcing $13.4 billion in emergency loans to prevent the collapse of the companies, with another $4 billion to become available in February.

The loans, conditioned on G.M. and Chrysler undertaking sweeping reorganizations plans to show that they can return to profitability, are meant to keep the companies afloat until March 31.

At that point, the Obama administration will determine if the automakers are meeting the conditions of the loans and thus will continue to receive government aid or must repay the loans and face bankruptcy.

“These are not ordinary circumstances,” Mr. Bush said in televised remarks that quickly touched off a debate over the fairness of his plan.

“In the midst of a financial crisis and a recession, allowing the U.S. auto industry to collapse is not a responsible course of action.” (NYT)
Again, we see Pres. Bush making a difficult decision. In fact, Bush's presidency has been one long list of incredibly difficult decisions.

November 2007 and the anti-choice Democrats!

Check out this line from the one and only George Will:
"In today's political taxonomy, "progressives" are rebranded liberals dodging the damage they did to their old label." (Liberal or Progressive, Same Old Nonsense)
What a statement! Is there a Cooperstown for pundits? If not, start one and make George Will the first pundit to be enshrined.

Of course, Will is actually talking about our public schools and recent events in Utah:
"Passed last February, the Parent Choice in Education Act would make a voucher available to any public school child who transfers to a private school, and to current private school children from low-income families. Opponents of school choice reflexively rushed to force a referendum on the new law, which is suspended pending the vote.
The vouchers would vary in value from $500 to $3,000, depending on household income. The teachers unions' usual argument against school choice programs is that they drain money from public education. But the vouchers are funded by general revenues, not the two sources of public school funds, which are local property taxes and the Uniform School Fund."
Give parents the money and let them choose a school. How about some competition? What a concept! Give parents the money and let the schools compete for their kids' education! What a radical concept called competition!

Who is opposed to that? Guess who? The Democrats! Why the Dems? Because the teachers' unions put millions in the Dems' pockets:
"What will defenders of that idea -- former liberals, now known as progressives -- call themselves next? Surely not "pro-choice."
Give the parents the money! 

Prove to us that the Obama administration did not use fake information to get a FISA warrant....

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Release the memo.   Prove to us that the Obama administration did not use fake information to get a FISA warrant.     Also, how credible was the Hillary Clinton investigation?   

As Todd Starnes just wrote:  We Deserve to Know if the FBI Was Weaponized to Take Down Trump.   

That's exactly right!   Everyone should be concerned about that even if you hate Trump!

How many anti-Trump CNN panels can you watch before flipping to the old movie channel?

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How many anti-Trump CNN panels can you watch before flipping to the old movie channel?   

According to Sarah Hoyt:  CNN is a Trump-hate-aholic and it's Time for an Intervention.   It makes sense to me.   Again, just watch it for 30 minutes!

They are also boring and predictable.   They are as predictable as Jorge Ramos talking about immigration.     CNN is still in 3rd place, or last place in the cable news wars.

Fidel Castro's son

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We just learned that Fidel Castro's son was found dead in Cuba.    He was 68.   The Cuban media is reporting that he killed himself after receiving months of treatment for a "deeply depressed state".

What happened?   I don't know but I don't believe anything that comes from the Cuban state media.    

So what happened?  Suicide?  Murder?  The jury is out.

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