Friday, June 24, 2022

Roe v Wade overturned and other stories

Roe v Wade overturned and that's a good thing..........No one cares about January 6th committee.......1948 Berlin Airlift.........and other stories....
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Friday's video: Roe v Wade overturned and other stories........

Friday's video: 
Roe v Wade overturned and other stories....

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It happens every six years, you know

 (My new American Thinker post)

Not long ago, I read that the LA Times and San Diego Tribune lost $50 million. The explanation was revenue losses during the pandemic, less print and digital advertising plus a drop in print circulation. I guess that "Angelinos" just didn't want to advertise or read the newspaper or something like that.   

Newspapers are losing subscriptions and readers.  For example, I am the only one on my block who gets the print edition, according to the poor fellow who delivers it every morning.

Maybe there is another reason why people are not reading the LA Times. Maybe it's because they post editorials like this:      

Whether it’s President Biden insisting a recession is avoidable or his critics arguing that the wolf is at the door, both sides are acting as if the nation faces an unprecedented catastrophe.

Partly it’s political theater -- Biden fighting on behalf of an already beleaguered presidency and many of the doomsayers hoping a downturn could be the coup de grace for Democrats.

Behind the rhetoric, the reality is that recessions are a normal part of American economic life. 

The U.S. has had one, on average, every 6½ years since 1945.

And in the present case, most professional economists think any downturn now is likely to be relatively mild, with a fairly quick recovery.

People should stop complaining. It happens every six years and you are going to be okay. President Biden is doing the best he can and you should tell your wife that happy days will be here again soon, especially after you buy one of those electric cars that won't get you from Dallas to Houston to see family. 

I guess I would have canceled my subscription, too.

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