Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The girl is a job killer

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We remember how Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, or the Bronx Evita as my friend Bill Katz calls her, led the campaign to kill an Amazon project in the New York City area.
She killed a few thousand jobs, maybe even more.  It was a disaster for workers, but Miss Sandy O got another invitation to MSNBC,
Well, she is back and she is killing jobs again.
Last week, Bright Power decided to fire its staff and farm all the work out to subcontractors instead of maintaining their own workforce. The firing occurred just as the workers were following Ocasio-Cortez’s advice to form a union.  
“We have come to the conclusion that our resources have been spread too thin with so many different kinds of work all being done in-house,” Bright Power CEO Jeffrey Perlman said according to 
“It makes business sense to return to a fully subcontracted solar installation model.”
Nice.  Very nice.  Workers lose jobs and Sandy gets to give a speech.     
Over the years, I have supported private industry unions.  It’s great for workers to unite and get the best deal available.  At the same time, sometimes management has to turn to other options to stay in business.
Sandy O is a job killer and that’s all you can say that about the young lady.
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Happy # 41 Jimmy Rollins

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We remember Jimmy Rollins who was born in Oakland, CA, on this day in 1978. 

We remember that Rollins had a 36 game hitting streak to finish 2005.   He carried it into the 2006 season.   It stopped at 38.

Rollins broke with the Phillies in 2000 and became of the best players in the NL:  2007 NL MVP, a .264 average and 2,455 hits in 2,275 games.  He also won 4 Gold Gloves.

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