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Monday's show: A look at the Mexican presidential election with Allan Wall

Guest:  Allan Wall, blogger and Mexico analyst.........we will look at the upcoming elections.........State Department advisories about Playa del Carmen and other resorts.....and other stories........

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Monday's video: The elections in Cuba are a travesty

No 'Fun in Playa del Carmen' these days

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Many years ago, Elvis made a movie Fun in Acapulco. As they say, the movie didn’t have much of a plot but Ursula Andress is worth whatever it costs to watch it online.
We can safely said that no one is making a movie about fun in Playa del Carmen these days.
As you probably know, there is a lot of talk about “el muro” — the border wall — down in Mexico. Sadly, the political class should be talking about the chaos in the country and how this is impacting their economy. 
This week we read that the U.S. closed a consulate office indefinitely. This is from news reports:   
“The State Department abruptly closed the U.S. consulate in the popular tourist destination of Playa del Carmen late Wednesday evening and ordered  U.S. government employees to stay out of the area.  
They warn other Americans either in the region or thinking of traveling to it about a “real crime threat” from local drug cartels…”
This is awful news for a country that relies heavily on tourism dollars. Furthermore, it shows two basic problems with Mexico’s political class:
First, they’d rather talk about President Trump than the violence tearing up the country. “Inseguridad,” as the Mexicans call it, is problem “numero uno” as Patrick Corcoran wrote;  and,
Two, they don’t understand that a wall on the U.S.-Mexico will be a devastating blow to the cartels walking in with cash and guns. We talk a lot about the human traffic going north but we don’t ever talk about what goes south, i.e. the cash corrupting the system and the high-powered rifles overwhelming police forces. I have to believe the wall will disrupt traffic both ways!
Playa Del Carmen is a beautiful resort. Unfortunately, it won’t be seeing too many tourists this year. Also, how many more of these travel advisories can Mexico take?
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Hillary has another explanation for her loss.......

Update from our crazy colleges

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We are going crazy or something like that:   "College student kicked out of class for telling professor there are only two genders."     

Not long ago, the professor would have been kicked out and sent to an insane asylum for further observation.

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2007: Bush Derangement Syndrome in Spain

Back in 2007, our friend Jose M. Guardia from Barcelona discussed the recent story in the Spanish press about a conversation between Pres. Bush and PM Aznar in March 2003:
"MUCH IS BEING MADE of the scoop by pro-Zapatero's daily El PaĆ­s, in Madrid, of the transcript of the memo of a conversation between Bush and Spain's former PM Aznar in Crawford in March 2003 as the Iraq war was about to start. Editor and Publisher has a machine translation, which is quite atrocious. If you can read Spanish, the full text is here." (Barcepundit)
The story on El Pais tries to make a sinister connection between Pres. Bush and PM Aznar.

As we have heard, it is the left's template that Bush was planning to go to war since he was governor of Texas. Worse than that, he was planning to invade Iraq since he was a Little League pitcher in Midland, TX. (After all, his dad was the coach and Cheney was probably the catcher!)

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