Friday, January 31, 2014

Wasn't the ACA passed to help the uninsured?

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I don't get this. According to Kaiser Health News, the uninsured don't like the Obamacare:
"Uninsured Americans -- the people that the Affordable Care Act was designed to most aid -- are increasingly critical of the law as its key provisions kick in, a poll released Thursday finds.   
This month's tracking poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 47 percent of the uninsured said they hold unfavorable views of the law while 24 percent said they liked it. These negative views have increased since December, when 43 percent of the uninsured panned the law and 36 percent liked it. (KHN is an editorially independent program of the Foundation.)  
We are not sure why the uninsured have soured on Obama Care. 

My guess is that this is a lot more than website problems.

First, many uninsured Americans had access to health care before the AHCA went into effect.  In other words, they've paid for medical services or made deals with hospitals to pay over time. No one has been left "to die" on the street corner because he or she did not have health insurance.

Second, many people do not want to buy insurance no matter how many times liberals tell them they should have it. Many are willing to assume the risk.

Third, many have checked the premium rates and deductibles and discovered that it is too expensive.

Again, we don't know for sure why the "uninsured" are staying away but they are. And they probably will continue to stay away. 

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Thank you Michael Young

We got the news that Michael Young has retired from baseball, as reported by Evan Grant:

"Young, who still lives in Dallas, won the 2005 AL batting title with a .331 average and finishes with a .300 career batting average in 1,970 career games. He is one of 28 major leaguers in the last 40 years to play at least 1,500 games and compile a .300 or better batting average.
Young made his mark as a durable and versatile player who also became a respected clubhouse voice. He is the only player in the last 90 years to have at least 400 career starts at second, short and third. He won a Gold Glove at shortstop in 2008, but was moved to third base the following season to make room for Elvis Andrus. And he finishes his career without ever having made a trip to the disabled list. From the start of the 2002 season through the end of his career, he averaged 155 games per season.
Young’s last couple of seasons in Texas were marked by some off-the-field drama regarding position moves and roles, but he had career highs in both batting average (.338) and RBIs (106) during the 2011 season. He dropped off significantly in 2012 and the Rangers opted to move him to Philadelphia to save some money and create a role for Jurickson Profar.
Young finishes with 1,823 games as a Ranger, 250 more than the previous leader Rafael Palmeiro. His 2,230 hits with Texas are nearly 500 more than Ivan Rodriguez (1,747), who is second on the list. Young also has club records for doubles (441), triples (55) and runs scored (1,084), is third in RBIs (984) and fifth in homers (177)."
Besides numbers, Young was a great teammate and community leader.  It's a shame that the Rangers did not win the World Series in 2010 or 2011.  
Thank you Michael.  It was a great honor to watch you play over the years.

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