Wednesday, December 04, 2013

There is no 'Obamatroika' for ObamaCare

(My new American Thinker post)

Some of us are old enough to remember "perestroika."  It was Premier Gorbachev's desperate move to reform the USSR or save a system that was falling apart dramatically.

Perestroika did not work.  It did not make the centrally planned Soviet economy any better at putting food on the table or manufacture tractors.

Perestroika failed.  And so will the latest effort by President Obama to save ObamaCare.

First, there is a security problem, perhaps the mother of all glitches.   Who is going to give you your identity back once it gets compromised in the website?

Second, the bugs are still going strong, according to The Washington Post.  I guess that someone forgot to disinfect the site because the bugs are terrorizing data.

Last, but not least, there are two monsters around the corners: Premium shock and the death spiral because young people are not interested.

Gorbachev eventually stopped talking about perestroika and flew on a wing and a prayer until the USSR collapsed in late 1991.  I hope that the Obama administration does not wait too much longer to figure out that fixing ObamaCare is hopeless.  

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New Pew poll shows a majority believe US less important in the world

(My new American Thinker post)

Some of us remember that summer speech in Germany, or the world tour before candidate Obama flew to Denver to accept the Democrat nomination. 

It was the kind of "ego trip" that prompted the McCain team to release those "the one" commercials.

According to a new PEW, we've come a long way from that fateful day when German crowds cheered Senator Obama:  

"For the first time in nearly 40 years, a majority of Americans believe the United States is less important around the world and that it should mind its own business, a stunning rejection of President Obama's foreign policy just four years after he received the Nobel Prize."  

Yes, I forgot about that Nobel Peace Prize!  

The PEW poll has really bad news for President Obama's foreign policy:  

"By a 56 percent to 34 percent margin, more disapprove than approve of Obama's handling of foreign policy. The public also disapproves of his handling of Syria, Iran, China and Afghanistan by wide margins."  

Frankly, I don't like the isolationist attitudes in this poll.  At the same time, I can understand why so many Americans are fed up, specially after we watch the pathetic performance of the Obama administration all over.  I guess that many Americans prefer isolation to drawing red lines in Syria or angering the Israelis over Iran.   

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“No ayudes a la dictadura”: A word to all of those spending their vacation dollars in Cuba!

(My new Babalu post)
We've read often in this blog about repression, torture and complete violations of human rights in Cuba.
I have a message for those who travel to Cuba and subsidize the corrupt Castro regime:  You are not helping the Cuban people!  You are subsidizing a corrupt dictatorship sustained by your dollars!   
I wrote about this at American Thinker this morning:
"Elsa Morejon is Dr Biscet's wife and a human rights activist.
It was great to see her article in The Washington Post:
"A few weeks ago, President Obama invited my husband, Oscar Elías Biscet, and me to a dinner to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Many thought that in light of Obama's efforts to improve relations between the United States and Cuba, Gen. Raúl Castro, Cuba's president, would approve a passport for Oscar so that he could attend. Such was not the case.
Oscar is a physician, but he is not allowed to practice medicine. Amnesty International has named him a prisoner of conscience for his years in jail for defending human rights. He is a follower of the philosophy of Gandhi and King.
In 2007, President George W. Bush awarded Oscar the Medal of Freedom. But he could not receive the award in person because he was in prison, where he had been sentenced to a term of 25 years.
Oscar was released in 2011, but in many ways he's still a prisoner because he can't leave the island."
Elsa speaks for so many and it was good to see a major US newspaper give her the space to tell the world the truth about Cuba.
Remember Dr Biscet the next time that you hear of all of those "bargains" about traveling to Cuba!
Show your support for Dr Biscet and other dissidents by taking "your vacation dollars" elsewhere!
Help us bring down Castro.  Stop spending money in Cuba!

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