Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The TX-34 special election and more

The TX-34 special election and Hispanics.......A new poll shows Abbott leading O'Rourke....and other stories..... Check our blog.........and follow our friend Carlos to listen:

Wednesday's video: The TX-34 special election and Hispanics plus Abbott leading O'Rourke

Wednesday's video: 
The TX-34 special election and Hispanics plus Abbott leading O'Rourke.......

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Go south, young man!

(My new American Thinker post)

As I recall, there was a slogan many years ago urging “Go west, young man.” The story behind the phrase is a bit complicated but the idea was to go west and seek a better life. And many people went west to seek land, fortune, gold and, generally, a better future.

The story has a new chapter, as my late father used to say. People are moving again and they are going to Mexico, according to a story on Daily Caller:

Now that Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom and his cronies have ruined their state and inflation is crushing households, thousands of Californians are reversing the typical pattern and moving to Mexico.

Many of the emigres count on the fact that their salaries from the United States enable them to afford much more South of the border.

“I would say at least half are coming down from California,” Darrell Graham of Baja123 Real Estate Group told CNBC. “Suddenly the cost of taxes, the crime rates, the politics, all the things that people are unhappy with in California are wanting to come down to Mexico.”

“California continuously ranks high as one of the country’s most expensive states to live in,” CNBC noted. “The median asking price for a home in California is about $797,470 — only 25% of the state’s households could afford that in the fourth quarter of 2021.”

“Monthly rent in Mexico can average as little as $430 per month, while rents can average as high as $1,500 north of the border in San Diego,” The Daily Mail pointed out.

So, there you have it. Economic refugees going to Mexico rather than Texas?

I guess that these must be people who can work from home in Mexico and collect their salary in US dollars. I’ve met some people in Mexico City who work in financial services and do everything by phone or internet.

In the meantime, further confirmation that the Golden State is in decline and people want out.

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