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Friday's show: President Trump in Devos and other thoughts

We will look at President Trump's speech in Davos......very good speech........Sanctuary city politics........DACA and the immigration other stories..

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Friday's video: Great speech by President Trump at Davos

It was a great speech and reminded me some of us of “The morning in America” TV ads from 1984.
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Let’s have an abortion ‘sanctuary city’

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We understand that the DOJ is headed for a showdown with some of our city governments. The issue is sanctuary cities or local government who have concluded that they don’t have to play ball with the federal government. As expected, some leaders of these cities will “boycott” The White House over this issue.
Insanity is not insane enough to describe these people!
So it’s time to support my friend George Rodriguez of San Antonio. He will presenting a resolution to the city government declaring the Alamo City as a sanctuary from Roe v Wade.   
This is a bit of the resolution that he plans to propose:   
We would like to propose that the city of San Antonio declare itself a “sanctuary city” for the unborn citizens who conceived without their consent and by no action or decision of their own…but who are under the threat of death because of an unjust law that is the result of judicial activism rather than the will of the people. 
We should establish this “Sanctuary City for the Unborn” to help these unborn but living persons realize their potential as citizens.
The city government should ignore and/or minimize cooperation with government programs that seek to kill these unborn citizens.
The city government should encourage the birth and nurturing of young new citizens rather than their annihilation and destruction.
These unborn but living citizens should be able to pursue personal and individual development without the threat of death before they are even born, and be allowed to fully participate in American society as citizens. They should be embraced as part of our community, and we should recognize their capacity to contribute to our economy and society, if they are protected and allowed the right to be born.
Out of concern for these unborn citizens, we should call on local city and county officials to protect these unborn but living citizens by creating a sanctuary city for the unborn.   
Good luck, George! Let’s start a movement and show the left that we can play, too! Drop him a line and show your support!
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Too much politics not enough sports!

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ESPN’s ratings were down a combined 15% on ESPN and ESPN2 in 2017 and the numbers on their original programming aren’t looking good for 2018 either. 
The NFL has also collapsed in ratings.
Stick to your knitting or something like that!

Congratulations Gus Machado

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We are happy to hear about Gus Machado of South Florida:   
A local university is breaking ground on a brand new business school, thanks to a generous South Florida business leader and his wife.
St. Thomas University is starting to build the Gus Machado School of Business complex in Miami Gardens.
“It’s a great honor to be here with all of these great students and great teachers,” said Gus Machado, owner of Gus Machado Ford.
“My husband and I are very sure and positive that this will make a difference in the lives of many, many students and future generations here in Miami,” said Lilliam Machado.
The Gus Machado School of Business will feature state-of-the-art technology, 21 different undergraduate degrees and 27 graduate degrees.
Machado is another Cuban American success story.

Thanks for the warning

Tom Steyer has a bad message for Democrats

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This is a bad day for Democrats:    
Tom Steyer, a billionaire hedge fund manager and Democratic mega-donor, said in an interview with Fortune on Wednesday that he refuses to donate to the Democratic Party after the “Schumer Shutdown” debacle.Steyer revealed in an interview on Wednesday, “I don’t have a litmus test on any one thing, but I do have a litmus test for elected officials standing on principle and doing the right thing, looked at holistically. And I want to say that after the DACA vote I have decided not to give anything to the national party committees.”
Steyer is angry about the Dems giving up the fight.   At the same time, did Steyer really think that Senator Schumer had a choice here?

More silly blue headlines

January 2007: How can you believe anything from this woman's mouth?

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This is a post from January 2007:

Over the weekend, Senator Clinton made some rather amazing remarks about her vote for the Iraq War. Thankfully, we have a record of what Senator Clinton said from 2002 to the present.

Better than that, read Hillary's amazing words from
"There is a very easy way to prevent anyone from being put into harm's way, that is for Saddam Hussein to disarm. And I have absolutely no belief that he will.
I have to say that this is something I've followed for more than a decade. If he were serious about disarming, he would have been much more forthcoming.
I ended up voting for the resolution after carefully reviewing the information, intelligence that I had available, talking with people whose opinions I trusted, tried to discount the political or other factors that I didn't believe should be in any way a part of this decision. I would love to agree with you, but I can't based on my own understanding and assessment of the situation.

With respect to whose responsibility it is to disarm Saddam Hussein, I just do not believe that, given the attitudes of many people in the world community today, that there would be a willingness to take on very difficult problems, were it not for the United States leadership, and I'm talking specifically about what had to be done in Bosnia and Kosovo where my husband could not get a Security Council resolution to save the Kosovar Albanians from ethnic cleansing.

With respect to whose responsibility it is to disarm Saddam Hussein, I just do not believe that, given the attitudes of many people in the world community today, that there would be a willingness to take on very difficult problems, were it not for the United States leadership, and I'm talking specifically about what had to be done in Bosnia and Kosovo where my husband could not get a Security Council resolution to save the Kosovar Albanians from ethnic cleansing. And we did it alone as the United States, and we had to do it alone. And so I see it somewhat differently. So forgive me for my experience and perspective."
In this speech, Senator Clinton contradicts those who say that Pres. Bush rushed to war or did not listen to our allies. In fact, Senator Clinton admitted that the allies did not listen to her husband either. This is why her husband had to go around the UN in Bosnia and Iraq. 

 In this video, Mrs. Clinton confirms that many allies were not serious about doing anything about Iraq.   Are you listening Senator Kerry?

Honest people can disagree with this war. However, how can any honest person take this woman seriously?

July 2006: Res. 1559 or another worthless UN resolution

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Back in 2006, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 1559:
"its support for a free and fair presidential election in Lebanon conducted according to Lebanese constitutional rules devised without foreign interference or influence and, in that connection, called upon all remaining foreign forces to withdraw from Lebanon."
The "diplomacy always" crowd cheered and toasted the historic moment.    For sure, New York restaurants probably sold a lot of champagne and expensive wine as "UN types" told each other how great and relevant they are.

Back in Lebanon, the terrorists laughed at Resolution 1559. Why? Because Hezbollah knew that no one would enforce it and consequently nothing would happen.

Such is the fate of so many UN Resolutions. Nothing happens!

Trump will keep GITMO open

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According to news reports, President Trump will keep GITMO open.   You may remember that President Obama promised to close it in his first year.    

So GITMO will be around and that's a good thing!

Obama failed the "dreamers"

June 2006: Happy for Jerry Narron

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Jerry Narron was the Rangers' third base coach from 1995 to May 2001 when he replaced Johnny Oates.  For the record, Oates lead the Rangers to 3 divisional titles.

Oates resigned in May '01 and Narron managed the Rangers for the remainder of the year and '02.  He had an awful team. Eventually, he was fired too.

Narron landed subsequently in Cincinnati and his contract has just been extended to '08. 

Jerry Narron was put in a terrible position in Texas. I'm glad that he's getting a chance to prove himself with the Reds.

August 2006: This is not your father's Democrat Party!

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This is a post from 2006

What would Truman and FDR say about this bunch?   What would they say about the Democrats dumping Senator Lieberman.

Read Still the Peace Party by Fred Barnes:
"The sacking of Lieberman is all the more striking because of his position in the Democratic party.

He is not only the most prominent advocate of peace through strength, but also the foremost Democratic champion of Israel.
It was because of his national security stance that he was chosen as the Democratic vice presidential nominee in 2000.
Six years later, he's been pushed aside by a party sprinting to the left.

Meanwhile, the man who picked Lieberman in 2000, Al Gore, has also flipped on national security.

Gore himself was chosen as Bill Clinton's vice presidential running mate for the same reason Lieberman was, his credentials on national security: Gore had been one of 10 Senate Democrats who supported the first Gulf War."
The Democrats are not serious about national security. Again, what would FDR and Truman say of this bunch? They'd probably call them a bunch of dangerous fools!

August 2006: Fidel and Hugo

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This is a post from 2006.

According to Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro is in the "Great Battle for Life". This is what Chavez said:
""From here, let's pray to God for Fidel and his recovery, and he's fighting a great battle," Chavez said in a televised speech from the eastern state of Anzoategui.

So let me get this straight. Chavez wants me to pray to God to save Fidel's life.

We should pray to God to forgive Fidel for what he has done to Cuba, i.e. the firing squads, political prisons, repression, etc.

St. Peter will be waiting for Fidel with a big sign that reads "Hell is over there"!

April 2008 and some of those climate predictions that did not turn out

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John Hinderaker of The Power Line Blog just got back to Minnesota. This is what he wrote:
"I've been at Dartmouth for a couple of days; spring has come to northern New England, with leaves budding, grass turning green, and temperatures up to 70 degrees.
So it was a rude awakening to return to Minnesota.

It snowed in Minneapolis today, but didn't stick. Thank goodness. A little west or north of here, people weren't so lucky." (Endless Winter, Part 2)
John then took the time to make a list of doom and gloom predictions in recent years:
"Predictions of environmental doom have been with us for a long time, as the Washington Policy Center reminds us:
•“...civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind,” biologist George Wald, Harvard University, April 19, 1970.

• By 1995, “...somewhere between 75 and 85 percent of all the species of living animals will be extinct.” Sen. Gaylord Nelson, quoting Dr. S. Dillon Ripley, Look magazine, April 1970.
• Because of increased dust, cloud cover and water vapor “...the planet will cool, the water vapor will fall and freeze, and a new Ice Age will be born,” Newsweek magazine, January 26, 1970.
• The world will be “...eleven degrees colder in the year 2000. This is about twice what it would take to put us into an ice age,” Kenneth Watt, speaking at Swarthmore University, April 19, 1970.
• “We are in an environmental crisis which threatens the survival of this nation, and of the world as a suitable place of human habitation,” biologist Barry Commoner, University of Washington, writing in the journal Environment, April 1970.
• “Man must stop pollution and conserve his resources, not merely to enhance existence but to save the race from the intolerable deteriorations and possible extinction,” The New York Times editorial, April 20, 1970.
• “By 1985, air pollution will have reduced the amount of sunlight reaching earth by one half...” Life magazine, January 1970.
• “Population will inevitably and completely outstrip whatever small increases in food supplies we make,” Paul Ehrlich, interview in Mademoiselle magazine, April 1970.
• “...air certainly going to take hundreds of thousands of lives in the next few years alone,” Paul Ehrlich, interview in Mademoiselle magazine, April 1970.
• Ehrlich also predicted that in 1973, 200,000 Americans would die from air pollution, and that by 1980 the life expectancy of Americans would be 42 years.
• “It is already too late to avoid mass starvation,” Earth Day organizer Denis Hayes, The Living Wilderness, Spring 1970.
• “By the year 2000...the entire world, with the exception of Western Europe, North America and Australia, will be in famine,” Peter Gunter, North Texas State University, The Living Wilderness, Spring 1970."
I don't know about you but I gave up on the "doom and gloomers" a long time ago.

Also, why do they always make these predictions when there is a Republican in the White House?

Is Trump looking beyond dreamers?

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According to news reports, President Trump is talking about 1.8 million dreamers.....where did that number come from?   We were told that it was 800,000 "dreamers"!

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