Friday, November 20, 2015

President Obama may not have the luxury of running out the clock

Like many of you, I’ve posted that President Obama will just run out the clock and leave all of this to # 45. It may still happen, but events may force President Obama’s hand.  The situation is deteriorating very rapidly.
Wonder how many other “refugees” eluded the authorities? You have to believe that some got away.
ISIS is a threat to the West, the kind of threat that even a reluctant warrior will not be able to overlook. I agree with John Lloyd.
Islamic State might be the organization to put flesh on that nightmare, because it has the money and can buy the expertise to make WMD.
An investigation last month by the Financial Times found that in the areas of Iraq it controls, ISIS has “a sprawling operation almost akin to a state oil company that … recruits skilled workers, from engineers to trainers and managers and produces about 34,000-40,000 barrels per day. The oil is sold at the wellhead for between $20 and $45 a barrel, earning the militants an average of $1.5m a day.”
Put together money, expertise and an Islamist-nihilist philosophy, and you have a weapon of huge destructive power, pointing at both the West and the East.
ISIS is the perfect storm that so many of us feared. In other words, a terrorist organization sitting on conquered land, well funded and willing to use whatever weapon they can get their hands on.
Who can stop them? The Europeans may be angry but they don’t really have the resources. The UN is worthless.  
Again, who can push ISIS back? The answer is the U.S. military.   
I love all of the talk about coalitions but the U.S. will have to lead. We must commit ground troops to meet ISIS on the battlefield.  
Add to that massive U.S. air power, or something like the 30-day 24/7 carpet bombing of the first Gulf War. Again, I love coalitions but this is about protecting the U.S. ISIS is after the U.S.  I want the U.S. to push them back and hit them very hard.
President Obama will not enjoy the last 15 months of his presidency, from the collapse of ObamaCare to shifting strategy to fight ISIS.
This is not what year 7 of the Obama presidency was to supposed to look like. Nevertheless, this is what the world looks like!
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