Saturday, May 30, 2020

‘Expats’ doing their part in Mexico

8 bodies found in Cancun, Mexico, prompting travel warning
During my time in Mexico, I learned about the huge number of Americans who retire there.  They were a vibrant community who supported each other and made a positive influence in the country.
A few days ago, I read about how a group of “expats” were doing more than talking about the virus.  In other words, they were running food banks and helping people directly.  This is from Janet Blaser:   
One of those people is Guanajuato resident Betsy McNair. Compelled to help those less fortunate — including her working-class neighbors in the community of Marfil where she lives — she thought for a week and then went into action. A background in catering and running restaurant kitchens directed her decision to start a food bank. Phone calls to friends yielded US $300 overnight which grew to $2,000 in two days. Posting on Facebook brought more money and more help.
This is great and very needed in a country fighting the virus.  In fact, I just saw a model that projected 136,000 deaths in Mexico by September 1st.
Just as up here, some of these models have turned out to be wrong.  I don’t know if Mexico will see this level of death.  No matter what, more people are dying of the virus south of the border than the Mexican government is reporting.
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