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Wednesday's podcast: President Biden's speeches....PA US Senate race....Leaks and more leaks...

President Biden's speeches....PA US Senate race....Leaks and more leaks.....Buddy Holly (1936-1959).....and other stories.......

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Wednesday's video: President Biden's speeches....PA US Senate race....Leaks and more leaks..

Wednesday's video: 
President Biden's speeches....PA US Senate race....Leaks and more leaks.......


There are just two kinds of speeches in the world

 (My new American Thinker post)

Over the weekend, I heard that song by Little Anthony & the Imperials:  "Two kinds of people in the world."  The words are a bit unsettling for the woke among us who don't know the difference between boys and girls.

The song actually inspired me to think that there are two kinds of speeches in the world.   

Speech A is where you enumerate all of the good things that happened under your presidency.  For example, President Reagan's "Morning in America" in 1984.  Vote for me because you are better off today or something like that.

Speech B is what we've hearing from President Biden lately -- I can't say enough good about me but the other guy will make things worse.   

This is from Michael McKenna and explains the point rather well:     

President Joe Biden’s speech last Thursday, in which he declared war on those who voted against him in 2020, gave us a peek into the actual status of the 2022 election cycle.  

By trying to make the election about the actions of the former president -- rather than about Mr. Biden’s own record or any of his legislative “achievements” -- he made it clear that the Democrats know they are in trouble unless something happens to shake up the race.

And they are hoping that the "something" is Trump 24/7.

It is true that Trump sparks something on the other side. They listen when they hear Trump. Is it enough to offset a bad economy and the overall dissatisfaction with President Biden's policies?  I don't think so, and that's why the candidates running in these elections have scheduling conflicts when the President is in town.

What does this kind of divisive speech do for the country?  Not much -- the partisanship will get more bitter.  I was not expecting miracles out of Joe Biden as president but I did expect a better man in the Oval Office.  Maybe he was not that moderate after all.

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