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Sunday's show: Air crash in Cuba, President Trump's words and we remember Cuba 1902

We look at the air crash in Cuba and what it means about going to Cuba.............President Trump did not say that immigrants are "animals"......May 20 and Cuban history......James Stewart 1908-97..........Charles Lindbergh 1927.......Happy # 72 Cher.......Robin Gibb 1949-2012............and others stories.........

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Sunday's video: Trump did not call immigrants "animals"

Another shooting and more calls to do something

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Another day and another school shooting.  Another day of calls to do something.
Do something like what?  This is what Jacob Sullum, senior editor at Reason magazine and nationally syndicated columnist, wrote about Governor Cuomo of New York and his calls to do “something”:
One reason Cuomo was not more specific may be that none of the usual gun control ideas seems relevant to the horrifying crime committed today.  The suspected shooter, a 17-year-old junior at Santa Fe High School, used a shotgun and a .38-caliber revolver, so clamoring for a federal “assault weapon” ban hardly seems appropriate (assuming it ever is).
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told reporters the guns belonged to the suspect’s father, adding, “I have no information at this time whether the father knows the weapons were taken.”  Background checks, no matter how universal or comprehensive, cannot stop a mass shooter from using firearms purchased by someone else.  Nor can a higher purchase age for guns.
If the point of doing something is to make mass shootings less frequent or less deadly, it is not at all obvious what that thing should be.  But if the point of doing something is to flaunt your compassion and courage while differentiating yourself from those evil [b‑‑‑‑‑‑‑] on the other side, almost anything will do. 
Do something?  Do what?  What new law would have stopped this?
All of these horrible incidents lead us to the same point: people want to do something, but they can’t tell you how that “something” would have stopped South Florida, the church in South Texas, or now Santa Fe.
Here is a simpler idea: enforce “gun-free zones” and hold school districts responsible for the consequences.
Isn’t there a “no guns allowed” sign on the door?  Is it too much for a parent to believe that the sign will be enforced?
Please stop talking about regulating guns and enforce the laws that we already have, such as “gun free zones” in schools.  Do whatever it takes, from metal detectors to spot bag checks.
Do something that actually works, not another political statement from Governor Cuomo feeling pressure from a leftist challenger.
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