Saturday, September 26, 2020

No ball drop on December 31st

5 things you might not know about the New Year's Eve ball drop - ABC7 San  Francisco

Why is it so hard for people to take government seriously on COVID-19 rules?

The city of New York will be saying goodbye to 2020 in a bizarre way.  This is the latest:   
Every year the New Year’s Eve Ball descends atop One Times Square in front of an estimated one million people in person, live bands, celebrities, etc. This annual event creates enthusiasm about the new year to millions watching on television and over a billion watching throughout the world.
Because of the CoronaVirus, 2021 will be welcomed with an animation of the annual event. The teaser of the animation seems like a noble attempt, but the bottom line is that it looks more like the weekly opening of Monday Night Football than New Year’s Eve.
Well, I don't know about the opening for Monday Night Football since I am angry with the NFL.  

This is a silly act from De Blasio and the gang.   His government had no problem with protests. He encouraged them.  However, a ball dropping with a limited crowd wearing masks is bad.

Hold the event, warn people about COVID, tell them to wear a mask and maybe limit the size of the crowd.   Please don't cancel one of the country's greatest traditions.

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1968: "Hawaii 5-0" made its TV debut this week

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"Hawaii Five-O", one of the all time TV classics, aired for the first time this week in 1968.    It stayed on until April 1980.  Frankly, I don't remember the show lasting that long!    We also remember 'Hawaii 5-0" because of the show's music, specially its fantastic intro:

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