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The real issue in Mexico’s elections

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Back in 1982, I watched my first Mexican presidential election. It included rallies, TV ads, lots of placards and even a little space for the opposition. However, the result was known before election day. Everybody knew that the PRI’s candidate would win easily. And Mr. De La Madrid did exactly that.
Today, no one really knows who will win. There are three major candidates, Mr. Lopez-Obrador, from the leftist Morena party, Mr. Meade from the incumbent PRI, and Mr. Anaya from the center-right PAN.
The polls show Mr. Lopez-Obrador leading but I am not ready to tell you that he is going to win.
Down in Mexico, the issue is not not Trump, although it’s fair to say that most Mexicans don’t like the U.S. president. The main issues are crime and corruption, as we see in this report of the election:   
The Peña Nieto administration’s inability to deal with three major issues concerning a majority of Mexican citizens drives the debate in Mexico today.  
Recent Ipsos polling illustrates these trends. We find that 65 percent of Mexicans say crime and violence are one of the greatest worries facing their country. 
This is followed by 53 percent who cite corruption and 40 percent who call out poverty and inequality as one of their top concerns. 
These statistics emerge from real-life experiences: The homicide total hit over 29,000 last year as cartel violence spreads, and bribes and fraud rarely get exposed, much less prosecuted.  
My own experience, from talking business or whatever, confirms these findings. Most of my conversations with Mexicans in Mexico go something like this:
First, they tell you that Trump shouldn’t call Mexicans rapists and that Americans should stop consuming the drugs that send weapons and cash south of the border;
Second, they blast the political class for the systematic corruption that allows politicians to get rich in office. They hate the bureaucracy or what they call the “secret government”;
Third, they blame the corruption for the insecurity. They want order in their streets, specially the gangs stealing ladies’ purses. They want a no-nonsense tough guy who lays down the law. They are not a looking for a dictator but a guy feared by street criminals is acceptable.
Fourth, they want a good relationship with the U.S.   
So what’s wrong with the major candidates? They are not talking about insecurity, corruption or proposing polices that create jobs.   
So what happens in July? One of these three men will win with less than 40% of the vote. He will govern a very angry nation that wants results.
As a Mexican businessman said yesterday: “We may be electing the last president of Mexico.” I requested a clarification such as did he mean a military coup? He answered “not necessarily” but the country is demanding “un hombre fuerte” or a strong man.
After further clarification, he is hoping that whoever wins is a very strong man against crime.
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March 2007: Nancy and Harry

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A post from March 2007:

If you are a Democrat and you voted for just got fooled. These guys want power but not responsibility. They want the private jets but don't ask them to make a decision or keep a promise.

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March 2007: Young girls in trouble

A post from March 2007:

As the father of 3 sons, I watch cautiously what is happening with girls. Frankly, it's not pretty. Our society is hurting young girls with too much sex, too much "let me dress like a woman" and not enough fathers around.

Today, I read Calling All Fathers: Save the Girls by Kathleen Parker. It raises questions about our society and young girls:
"We shouldn't need a scientific study to tell us that sexualizing children is damaging, but apparently common sense isn't what it used to be. We can now assert with confidence that most of the primarily girl pathologies -- eating disorders, low self-esteem and depression -- can be linked to an oversexualization that encourages girls to obsess about body image and objectify themselves."
Our society is hurting young girls by creating false physical expectations. At the same time, too many fathers are not around to serve as a good male role model for their confused daughters.

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How to lose your donors?

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How to lose your donors?   Have a stupid professor make a vicious statement about the death of a 92-year former First Lady:    Bush-bashing professor has Fresno State scrambling to keep its donors!   
We hope that the donors make it official and stand up for good taste.    

March 2007: What made Hollywood fall in love with Al Gore?

A post from March 2007:

Put me down as one of us who can't understand the Gore-Hollywood love affair. After all, it wasn't long that most of these Hollywoodies hated Tipper Gore because of her criticism of movies and music.

Back in the late 1980's, (before global warming and GW Bush), Tipper Gore was enemy # 1 with Hollywood liberals. As a mother, Tipper Gore correctly pointed out that Hollywood was releasing trash unsuitable for children.

Also, in 2000 Hollywood went for Nader.

Today, they love Gore. I don't get it. Of course, this is another case of Bush Derangement Syndrome, a disease identified By Charles Krauthammer in 2003.

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What goes around comes around

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What goes around comes around.    This is an interesting headline:  James Comey's leaks now a matter for the Justice Department.

It appears that Mr. Comey did leak information.   Was it classified?  We will know sometime soon.

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Your Silly Hillary update for today

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Your Silly Hillary update for today:   "Hillary Clinton on Election Night: ‘They Were Never Going to Let Me Be President’"

Frankly, this is embarrassing.   Can you recall a single losing candidate in US history lamenting this long?

Who is "they"?   Was it US voters by any chance?

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It must be hard to be a reporter in the tank for Clinton

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It must be hard to be a reporter in the tank for Clinton:   The New York Times' lead 2016 Clinton campaign reporter admits crying after Trump's victory!       At least, the lady is honest whereas so many pretend to be objective.

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