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Thursday's show: The DACA and border security debate is changing and other stories

We will look at the political debate over DACA and how it has shifted in favor of border security......4 new members of the MLB Hall of other stories...

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Thursday's video: The border security debate today

In one week, the debate has shifted from legalizing dreamers to border security and then DACA..

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The shutdown exposed divisions among Democrats

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Senator Charles Schumer decided to shut down the government over DACA. He found out very quickly that many Democrats decided to do something else that weekend. It was this lack of unity that contributed to the failure of the shutdown. It’s a tough fight when many of your partners decide not to show.
Last week, I saw a post about “between the coasts” Democrats:  Heartland Democrats to Washington: You’re Killing Us!    
This is the story of Terry Goodin, a Democrat who must feel very frustrated with the party of DNC Chairman Tom Perez and Senator Dick Durbin:    
“I am a Democrat. I am a Democrat from rural Indiana.”
That Goodin, 51, who has held political office for more than 17 years, felt the need to say this out loud speaks to the divisions bedeviling the Democratic Party. A father of three and the superintendent of a 500-student school district, Goodin is the last Democrat in Indiana who represents an entirely rural area. A member of the Indiana Farm Bureau, the National Rifle Association and the Austin Church of God, he’s an anti-abortion, pro-gun, self-described “Bible-poundin’, aisle-runnin’” Pentecostal. 
This unusual profile for a Democrat makes him a species nearing extinction within the national party, but it’s also the very reason he keeps getting reelected here. This paradox is why he is prominently featured in a report to be made public Thursday by the leadership PAC of third-term congresswoman Cheri Bustos.
The report, “Hope from the Heartland: How Democrats Can Better Serve the Midwest by Bringing Rural, Working Class Wisdom to Washington,” lands at a moment, of course, when Democrats are riled up with activist energy but also wrestling with themselves about the direction of their party—their most reliable areas of support having receded to cities, coasts and college towns. In contrast, this report is based on interviews with 72 Democrats who hail from none of those places but rather largely agricultural, blue-collar areas in the vast, eight-state center of the country. It will be distributed to local and regional party leaders as well as the most important Democrats on Capitol Hill. 
This is exactly the kind of Democrat represented by the Democrat senators who did not join Senator Schumer in the shutdown.   
This weekend’s shutdown exposed a schism between the party of Los Angeles, a left-wing party that talks about dreamers and transgenders, and the party between coasts who made up the electoral force that elected men like FDR and JFK or even Carter.   
My guess is that the national debate over DACA has exposed differences among Democrats. It will make it very difficult for Senator Schumer to negotiate with President Trump over DACA.
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Trump is winning the border security debate

It was only a matter of time............

Update on Winfrey 2020

Once upon a time, we called it The Golden State............

Obama With Farrakhan In 2005

Where were Acosta, Lemon & the panels when we really needed some journalism?   An Obama photo has surfaced all these years later:

"The Photo That Never Saw The Light of Day: Obama With Farrakhan In 2005"!

According to the story:   
A journalist announced last week that he will publish a photograph of then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama (D) and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan that he took in 2005 at a Congressional Black Caucus meeting, but did not make public because he believed it would have “made a difference” to Obama’s political future.
The photographer, Askia Muhammad, told the Trice Edney News Wire that he “gave the picture up at the time and basically swore secrecy.”
“But after the nomination was secured and all the way up until the inauguration; then for eight years after he was President, it was kept under cover,” Muhammad said.
Wonder what Mrs. Clinton thinks of this photo or the fact that it was hidden from voters in 2008?

Vlad Guerrero, Hall of Fame

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Back in October 2010, Vlad Guerrero hit one of the biggest doubles in Rangers history.     It happened in game 6 of the ALCS and set the table for Texas to run away with the game that put them in the World Series.

Vlad Guerrero was one of the greatest and less known hitters in major league history.   He played in Montreal when the team was drawing poorly and most people did not hear of him:   .318 average, 449 HR and 1,496 RBI.     

Vlad was the 2005 AL MVP with the Angels.

Jim Thome Hall of Fame 2018

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We learned that Jim Thome was selected to the Hall of Fame on his first year of eligibility:   .276 average, 612 HR & 1,699 RBI.     Add a .401 OBP and Thome was an asset to any lineup.    He hit 17 HR in 71 post-season games:

Chipper Jones, Hall of Fame 2018

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We are happy that Chipper Jones was selected to the Hall of Fame.   We saw Jones a lot on TV and the post-season.   

His numbers were very good:   .303 average, 468 HR, 1,623 RBI plus .401 OBP.   In the post season, he hit .287, 13 HR & 47 RBI in 93 games.

Great player!

Vlad Guerrero and Game 6 of the 2010 ALCS

Related image

We are very happy that Vlad Guerrero made it to the Hall of Fame.  

What else can you say about this guy?

Back in 2010, Vlad was a Ranger and got one of the biggest hits in the team history: a 3-run double that put Texas on the way to the World Series!    

Trevor Hoffman, Hall of Fame 2018

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We learned that Trevor Hoofman was selected to the Hall of Fame.  This is long overdue:  601 saves and 2.87 ERA.

Hoffman played with San Diego:


Good news: Cuban sandwiches do not cause “global warming”

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My late father would say:   “Ya no saben que inventar”.
The bad news is that “sandwiches” are now a cause of global warming, or so they tell us:
Scientists at the University of Manchester have found a surprising global warming culprit – sandwiches. In the first study of its kind, the researchers carried out an in-depth audit of various sandwiches throughout their life cycles and found the triangular meals could be responsible for the equivalent annual carbon emissions of 8.6 million cars in Britain alone.
The good news is that there is no mention of our favorite “sandwich cubano”.
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Great selections for Hall Of Fame 2018

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We learned Wednesday night that The Hall of Fame will have 4 new members.    They are outstanding selections:
For the second time in four years but just the fifth time ever in a voting process that dates back to 1936, the Baseball Writers' Association of America is welcoming four players into Cooperstown's hallowed Hall all at once.
Chipper Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, Jim Thome and Trevor Hoffman compose the BBWAA's 2018 National Baseball Hall of Fame class, which was announced on Wednesday night on MLB Network and 
Jones and Thome were inducted in their first year of eligibility, marking the third time this decade that a BBWAA class includes multiple first-ballot Hall of Famers.
Jones is one more player from those marvelous Braves' teams who won a dozen or so NL East titles.  Guerrero was probably the most consistent hitter in baseball.   Thome was a great power hitter but I did not expect him to go in the first time around.  Hoffman was long overdue, a great closer!     

Mike Mussina and Curt Schilling should get more votes next year.   They were both great pitchers.   

Congratulations to the 4 new members.   Great players!

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