Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Calling everyone a crook is not the best way to unify the GOP

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Senator Cruz continues to beat Mr. Trump on the ground in Wyoming and Georgia:
Despite winning its primary in a landslide, Donald Trump came up short in the battle for delegates in Georgia.
Members of Georgia's Republican Party met on Saturday to elect 42 of the 72 delegates that will go to Cleveland in July for the Republican National Convention. Trump's poor showing comes as the businessman is crying foul after losing 34 pledged delegates in Colorado to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.
The activists met in gatherings by congressional district and Trump loyalists were largely shut out of several districts that the businessman carried, according to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Each district had to chose three delegates and three alternates. But Trump's forces were shut out in several districts.

The Trump team cried "foul" but nothing foul happened. Mr. Trump is simply getting a lesson in how the parties have functioned since they were formed in the 19th century.   

Mr. Trump has contributed to politicians in the past but has never taken the time to study or learn how delegates are actually selected.  

I guess that's what happens when you run for president on the cheap, with free media and candidate rallies. Mr. Trump does not have a staff and it's starting to show.    

Mr. Trump may also be running into another problem: He does not have a lot of Republican friends!   

Mr. Trump's success so far has been based on winning primaries with 35% of the vote.

Furthermore, he called former President Bush a liar over Iraq's WMDs, mocked Senator McCain's war service, and now yells that everyone who does not vote for him must be in the tank for the establishment.

Why do I get the feeling that Mr. Trump is going to have a hard time unifying the party and getting the 65 million votes he will need in November? How does he unify the party by calling everyone a crook?

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