Saturday, March 19, 2016

Wild Cleveland summer ‐‐ and we’re not talking about the Indians

Over the years, I’ve seen a few Indians or Browns games on TV. Let me say it quickly: the fans of Cleveland are second to none when it comes to showing their passion for the local teams. I’m sure we all remember thatIndians-Rangers game from the 1970s when “cheap beer” turned the stadium into a circus. Or, some of those Browns vs Broncos AFC championship games from the late 1980s that were just great football. Thumbs up for Cleveland fans!
Sorry to say but the fun in Cleveland this summer won’t be about the Indians or other local sports. It will be about the upcoming GOP convention, as we see in news reports:
Cleveland will be ready should Donald Trump’s prediction come true of riots at the Republican National Convention if he’s denied the presidential nomination, security officials say.
Though the Ohio city won’t say whether Trump’s remarks have it reconsidering security for the July 18-21 gathering, preparations for possible unrest are well under way. The convention is designated a national special-security event, like Pope Francis’s visit last year and the Democrats’ nominating meeting in Philadelphia in July.
“It’s going to be a secure event,” said Kevin Dye, a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service, the lead agency coordinating with federal, state and local law enforcement.
Trump, the billionaire New York developer whose popularity soared after he attacked Mexicans and Muslims, faces the prospect of a convention floor fight if he’s leading in delegates but falls short of a majority. Trump said Wednesday on CNN that he thinks “you’d have riots” if the party denies him the nomination despite a large lead in delegates.
It’s good to see that the leadership in Cleveland and Ohio is ready for whatever comes. We will see major protests for a few reasons:
1) The left is in full distraction mode. In other words, it’s better to call on people to march in the streets than to explain the economy to young black men facing high unemployment in the 8th year of our first black president. Congressman Sanders said recently that the black youth unemployment rate is 51%. He also said that the rate for Hispanics youth is 36% but that didn’t get much attention; and, 
2) Mr. Trump is a very divisive figure. Some love him. Others hate him. He is the exactly the type of person who’d draw huge crowds.
The bad news is that protests are coming. The good news is that Cleveland and Ohio are ready, although sometimes how you react is more important than being prepared. Many of the demonstrators will push the police to their limit and a spark is likely.
To be fair, let’s not blame Trump for the anticipated protests. They will happen no matter who gets the nomination.   Nevertheless, Trump has given the left a lot to demonize him about! This is why he gets low marks from women and minority groups.
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