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Why don’t they move to Cuba if they want that holiday?

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Can it get any crazier in California?  I just read this story and had to double-check it to make sure it was not a joke.
This is the story:
A California assemblyman vehemently argued against a bill that would adopt International Workers’ Day as a paid holiday.
The bill, introduced by Assemblyman Miguel Santiago (D), would designate the third Monday in February “as a single school holiday to be known as ‘Presidents’ Day.'”
“Are we in competition to become the laughingstock of the United States?” Assemblyman Matthew Harper (R) asked.  “This is ridiculous.  This is insane.”
The bill would subsequently get rid of either George Washington or Abraham Lincoln’s birthday as a holiday and designate May 1 as “International Workers’ Day.”
International Socialist Workers’ Day, or “May Day” had been observed in countries under Communist rule and was an official holiday of the Soviet Union.
“Seriously, the substitution of adding International Socialist Workers’ Day?  May Day?  The day of parades in the Soviet Union?” Harper said.
“I’m aghast that a bill like this would be able to get through committee.”
As my mother used to say, “vete pa’ Cuba,” or “move to Cuba.”
Years ago, I used to think all of this anti-Americanism was just foolishness, ignorance, and immaturity.  Now I believe it’s actually dangerous and these people need to be called out.
Anyone who wants to adopt International Workers’ Day is a socialist or maybe a communist.  Such a person does not understand that our workers are free to join unions, something they don’t get to do in Cuba and didn’t get to do in the USSR.
I’m tired of these people and how much support they find in the modern California Democratic Party.  Let’s start calling them “communists” and show them the door to Cuba.
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