Friday, March 11, 2016

Mr. Trump, you have a Latino problem

We hear over and over that Mr. Romney ran a horrible campaign. Maybe he did. Maybe he could have been more aggressive in that third debate.  
We also hear that 4 million people stayed home. I can’t prove it. I have never met one of these 4 million people but maybe they did. At the same time, President Obama beat Mr. Romney by 5 million votes, so what’s the difference?
We never hear that Mr. Romney got 27% of the Hispanic vote. And that’s really why he lost!  
Mr. Trump scored big early when he made the border and crime a big issue. He also went overboard and insulted Mexicans with statements about rape.   
Today, Mr. Trump faces high negatives and bad poll numbers with Hispanics. And many are registering to vote against him, according to a New York Times story:
While naturalizations generally rise during presidential election years, Mr. Trump provided an extra boost this year. He began his campaign in June describing Mexicans as drug-traffickers and rapists. His pledge to build a border wall and make Mexico pay for it has been a regular applause line. He has vowed to create a deportation force to expel the estimated 11 million immigrants here illegally, evoking mass roundups of the 1950s.
Among 8.8 million legal residents eligible to naturalize, about 2.7 million are Mexicans, the largest national group, federal figures show. But after decades of low naturalization rates, only 36 percent of eligible Mexicans have become citizens, while 68 percent of all other immigrants have done so, according to the Pew Research Center.
The Trump supporters tell me that Mr. Trump will bring out millions of new voters or convert disenchanted Democrats. They point to high turnouts in the GOP primaries as evidence of this.  
Frankly, I am not persuaded for a few reasons:
1) Mr. Trump has divided the GOP with his nasty remarks about Bush and WMDs plus what he said about John McCain. What does Donald Trump know about war anyway? Did he serve in one?;
2) Mr. Trump is still around 35%. More than half of GOP voters are voting for someone else; and,
3) Mr. Trump continues to lose to Hillary Clinton:  50-41
2016 is one of those rare elections where the GOP has a lot going for it.
Mrs. Clinton can not win on issues. Her only hope is to revitalize the Obama coalition and bring out large numbers of minority voters.
Incredibly, the Obama record has depressed minority enthusiasm for Democrats. African Americans have done poorly in the Obama years and Latinos did not get immigration reform despite huge Democrat majorities.
Only one man can wake up the Obama coalition, and his name is Donald Trump!
Wake up, fellow Repubicans.
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