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Our cities could use a little law and order

Our cities could use a little law and order: Last weekend, a young widow and her one-year-old son were the latest consequence of lawlessness in our blue cities.  A man with a long criminal record shot a police officer.  It reminded us of a couple of things: 

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Happy # 70 Tony Dorsett.

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Tony Dorsett was born in Rochester, PA, on this day in 1954.      

He joined the Cowboys in 1977 after a successful college career at The University of Pittsburgh.    

Tony played 12 NFL seasons, 11 with Dallas and 1 with Denver to close his career:  12,739 rushing yards and 77 TD's.  Tony played in a couple of Super Bowls and I remember watching that 99 yard run on Monday Night Football in 1981.

Dorsett was inducted to the Football Hall of Fame in 1994.

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Happy # 73 Janis Ian

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We remember Janis Ian.   She was born Janis Eddy Fink in New York City on this day in 1951.    

Back in 1967, Janis recorded "Society's child", a very controversial tune about dating a black young man.    It was banned in some stations but did sell well.

In 1975, "At seventeen" was a song about a young woman growing up in our society.

Her LP "Between the lines" sold very well and earned Janis Ian a gold record.

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April 7, 1970: The first Milwaukee Brewers opening day

April 7, 1970: Milwaukee Brewers make their debut at County ...
Like so many others, I skipped school and attended the Brewers' very first opening day game.

For the record, I don't remember whether or not I got permission from Mr. Wolff, our school principal.   On the other hand, he did not say anything so I guess that it was OK!   Frankly, there were so many kids in the park that it would have been difficult to suspend us!

Opening Day 1970 was very unique.

The Brewers went into spring training as The Seattle Pilots.

During March, we got reports that Seattle would move to Milwaukee. Eventually, the deal was made and the team moved a couple of days before the season started.

Who was on that team?

Tommy Harper, Mike Hegan, Danny Walton, Lew Krausse, Marty Pattin, etc.

What happened on opening day? The Brewers were destroyed by the Angels, 12-0!

The Angels scored quickly and often. The game was over by the 3rd inning!

The Brewers did have Danny Walton, who thrilled fans with majestic home runs. Unfortunately, pitchers caught up with Danny and he was traded the following season.

They had young pitchers like Marty Pattin, who pitched well but it's tough to pitch for a bad team.

It wasn't much of a game but it was a great memory.

It is still my favorite opening day!   Thanks to Mr Selig for bringing baseball back to Milwaukee!

Who knew back then that Bud Selig would end up as commissioner of major league baseball?

This is my chat with Tom Skybosh who also skipped school that day.

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