Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday's show: The Texas election plus Hispanic turnout in 2018 with George Rodriguez

Friday's video: We may be getting close to a DACA decision

Friday's video: 
We may be getting close to a DACA decision.....

Time to invest in Chinese baby food companies?

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Over the last few years, we’ve heard horrible stories about China and the so-called “one-child policy”.  It was designed to control population but it has created a ton of unintended consequences.  One of them is having too many young men and not enough young women.
This is from a CNN report:  
The one child policy ran until 2015 when it was partially relaxed to allow some couples to have two children, but families have been slow to embrace official approval to expand.
An op-ed in a state-run newspaper titled “Giving birth is a family matter and a national issue too” is the latest to encourage couples to have more children, and call for official action to enable young people to start families.
The full-page column was published in the overseas edition of the People’s Daily, mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party. It warned that “the impact of low birth rates on the economy and society has begun to show.”
So giving birth is now a national issue too?  Yes it is.  
In 2017, the birth rate was 1.6 children per Chinese woman or below the 2.1 rate necessary to keep a population going.   
The other consequence is the aging of the population, a problem that Europe can tell you a great deal about.
So what happens next?  My guess is that the government will offer incentives to have children.  
A few years ago, I heard a presentation of a Dallas man who had lived in China for a few years.  He sold his business and just moved to China to experience for himself what was going on over there.  He mentioned in the presentation that most Chinese companies do not have the maternity leave that encourages female employees to have babies.  Worse than that, many women are not confident that they will get their jobs back.
We will see, but I think that China won’t be the last country to figure out that messing with Mother Nature has serious consequences.
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And now from Venezuela they go to Ecuador........

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We've spoken before about Venezuelans rushing to Colombia and Brazil.  Let's add Ecuador to the story:   
"Ecuador declares state of emergency over Venezuelan migrants at border...."
We don't blame Ecuador or the poor desperate people seeking refuge.   They are literally walking through Colombia to get to Ecuador.

The real culprit is the Chavez-Maduro regime plus the governments in Latin America who refuse to call for regime change.

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President Trump is winning and the NFL is losing......

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The NFL post season games started and some players are at it again:  
"Trump Trashes NFL Players For Anthem Protests: Most Are ‘Unable to Define’ What They Are Protesting..."
The NFL and the players need to understand that they are turning off the people who buy tickets, watch the games or pay for those TV packages.   

In other words, they are upsetting the customer.

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Maybe they could stop bashing Republicans....

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According to news reports, the Oscars want their viewers back:
"HFPA President Weighs in on Oscar Changes: ‘They Have to Do Something to Keep the Viewers’...."
Maybe they could stop bashing Republicans! 

How do you spend the whole show pushing a political agenda and then wonder why some people tune you out?

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