Saturday, March 24, 2018

Saturday's show: A chat with Bruce Woodhull, author

Guest:  Bruce Woodhull, author & resident of New Mexico.......we will discuss Bruce's writing style and character about the Facebook experience...........and other stories....

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Saturday's video: Obama Care 8 years later

December 2006: Vicente had the last laugh in Mexico

A post from December 2006:

For days, we've watched PRD politicians make total and complete fools of themselves. It was pathetic. Yet, what else can you expect from these people?

Today, Pres. Fox had the last laugh. He stunned the angry left by showing up with a big smile and lots of applause for his successor.

Frankly, I loved it.

Over the last 6 years, I've had my criticisms of Pres. Fox. On balance, I have supported him. It's very difficult to govern when one-third of your legislature is made up of the angry left.

Good luck Vicente. You deserve a little time off. You earned it!

December 2006: The Iraq reality hits Democrats

A post from December 2006:

The election is over and reality is slowly sinking in. Iraq is a complicated problem. The Civil War and WW2 were complicated too. 

Life is complicated specially when you are facing an enemy totally committed to a two step strategy: First we blow up Israel and then we go after America!

December 2006: What's going on in Venezuela?

A post from December 2006:

OK. So Chavez won the election. I saw this post and it speaks for a lot of our friends in Venezuela:
"Chavismo has made it clear long ago that all revolves around Chavez and that there is no other option for Venezuela. Elections are a necessary ritual that is extremely expensive but a necessity to justify all sorts of other different abuses. Unfortunate Rosales was not running against Chavez, he was running against a whole state whose complete resources were at the service of the autocrat who needs a regular plebiscite to boost his ego."




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