Saturday, March 24, 2018

Saturday's show: A chat with Bruce Woodhull, author

Guest:  Bruce Woodhull, author & resident of New Mexico.......we will discuss Bruce's writing style and character about the Facebook experience...........and other stories....

Click to listen:

Saturday's video: Obama Care 8 years later

December 2006: The Iraq reality hits Democrats

A post from December 2006:

The election is over and reality is slowly sinking in. Iraq is a complicated problem. The Civil War and WW2 were complicated too. 

Life is complicated specially when you are facing an enemy totally committed to a two step strategy: First we blow up Israel and then we go after America!

December 2006: What's going on in Venezuela?

A post from December 2006:

OK. So Chavez won the election. I saw this post and it speaks for a lot of our friends in Venezuela:
"Chavismo has made it clear long ago that all revolves around Chavez and that there is no other option for Venezuela. Elections are a necessary ritual that is extremely expensive but a necessity to justify all sorts of other different abuses. Unfortunate Rosales was not running against Chavez, he was running against a whole state whose complete resources were at the service of the autocrat who needs a regular plebiscite to boost his ego."

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