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The Chauvin trial plus COVID in Texas & Mariel 1980

The Chauvin trial plus COVID in Texas & Mariel 1980 04/20 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics

The Chauvin verdict......Texas and COVID cases low and stable.....Former President Bush speaks about borders and Afghanistan.......Mariel 1980.....Spanish-American War 1898............
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Tuesday’s video: The future of our cities

Tuesday’s video: 
The future of our cities 
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What law would have stopped the shooting in Chicago?

It happens every weekend in Chicago, as we see in this report:   

A McDonald's employee who asked not to be named told the Chicago Sun-Times that two people got out of a gray car in the drive-thru and started shooting at Adams' car.
And a little girl was unfortunately in the middle of it!  In other words, two groups settled their scores on the streets of Chicago and innocent people get killed.  

This is what used to happen in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, every weekend:  .  Gang A vs Gang B for drug routes to the US.  In Chicago, one gang fights the other gang at a McDonalds or anywhere else.  The net result is that innocent people get killed in the shootout.

What do we hear from the Democrats who run Chicago and tolerate this?

First, they tell us that we need more gun control.  What law is going to stop people who don't obey the laws already on the books?

Second, they say that the guns come from the outside.  So they blame the other states.  Once again, it reminds me of what they used to say in Mexico about guns coming from the US.

Nobody blames the criminals.  Nobody calls on the feckless Governor and demands troops on the streets to stop the gangs.  No one in the political class does a darn thing except to blame guns and call for more laws.  To make betters worse, the voters in Chicago keep re-electing these people!

So what can I say?  Get ready because another girl will be shot next weekend.  And get ready to hear that we need another law to stop this.

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