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Election Sunday in Mexico, and another candidate gets shot

Election Sunday in Mexico, and another candidate gets shot: As you may know, Mexico will have an election on Sunday and Dr. Claudia Sheimbaum is projected to become the nation's first woman and Jewish president.   She'll replace President Lopez-Obrador and let's see what happens next…
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Happy # 81Joe Namath

If you grew up watching those AFL games on NBC, then you probably remember Joe Namath, who was born in Beaver Falls, PA, on this day in 1943.  What I recall is that all the girls in high school suddenly spoke about touchdown passes and the guys were jealous that Joe had girls chasing him.  

Namath came out of Alabama and was signed by the new AFL. The league needed big college players to compete with the mature NFL. They also made Joe the face of the league and appealed to younger fans, especially women watching on television.   

Joe did not disappoint the AFL.  In fact, he won Super Bowl III, the game that gave the AFL instant credibility.  The best part is that he walked the talk when he predicted a Jets victory. I saw that game with my brother and father.  My sister did not watch, but she always said that Joe was cute. What girl did not think that?  Maybe the Baltimore girls who found Joe a bit too much off a big mouth.

The game, not called Super Bowl until later, was the perfect stage for Namath.  He was a genius that day, as they wrote back in 1969:  

Almost no one thought the New York Jets could penetrate the fine Baltimore defense, but Namath was sure of it and said so. "We're a better team than Baltimore," he said before the game. He was lying by the pool at the Gait Ocean Mile Hotel, where the Jets stayed, tanned and oiled against the sun. Namath reminds you a bit of Dean Martin in his relaxed confidence and in the droop of his heavy-lidded eyes. He is a man of immense self-assurance and, as he showed early in the week, a man of startling honesty.    

To be honest, I loved Joe but did not think that he'd beat the mighty Colts.  The funny part is that everyone in school was talking about the game the next day.  And everyone said with a straight face that they knew the Jets would win.  Too bad we didn't have iPhones back then to show them all their videos or texts picking the Colts.

Beyond that game and all the TV commercials, Joe was also a very good quarterback:  173 TDs and over 27,000 yards passed.   We remind you that most of the numbers came in his first five seasons.  He was hurt a lot after winning that Super Bowl in 1969.  Joe was more than numbers.  He made the AFL and was responsible for the merger in 1970.   

Namath is one of my all-time favorite sports personalities! The Jets knew something when they gave him all that money to play with them.
Time flies and Namath is 80.  

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Happy # 86 to Peter Yarrow (of Peter Paul & Mary)

We remember Peter Yarrow of the legendary Peter Paul & Mary.   He was born in New York City on this day in 1938.

We grew up listening to their songs, from "Puff the magic dragon" to "I dig rockn' roll music".   They were great and their vocal arrangements second to none.

Mary died in 2009 and I have not kept up with Peter and Paul.   Nevertheless, every once in a while one of their songs comes on the radio and brings back lots of good memories.    

"Puff the magic dragon" is one with Peter on lead vocals.

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Happy # 74 to Tippy Martinez

We remember Tippy Martinez who was born in Colorado on this day in 1950.  He became one of the best Orioles ever.   

Tippy came up with the Yankees and was traded to Baltimore in 1976 along with Scott McGregor and Rick Dempsey.   The Yankees were headed to the World Series in 1976 and the Orioles were rebuilding.   They made the classic veterans for young guys trade and it worked great for Baltimore.   The Orioles picked up a starter, a great reliever and wonderful catcher out of that deal.    

Tippy had some great seasons out of the bullpen for the Orioles.   He was one of the best lefties in the game.   Along the way, he saved 115 games with a 3.45 ERA.  He was the 8th inning set up man for some of that time so the "saves" don't tell the whole story.   Often, Weaver would bring him to pitch to a tough lefty.

My favorite memory was Tippy Martinez on the mound when the Orioles beat the White Sox to clinch the AL pennant in 1983.     

Tippy is the answer to a great trivia question.  Who picked three Toronto Blue Jays (Barry Bonnell, Dave Collins and Willie Upshaw) at first base in one inning during an August 24, 1983 game at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium?  The answer is Tippy Martinez.

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Happy # 94 to Clint Eastwood

Celebrity & Entertainment | You Guys, Clint Eastwood Was a Stone ...
We remember Clint Eastwood, who was born in San Francisco on this day in 1930.

Eastwood made his TV debut with "Rawhide" in 1955.   It was a great Western about cattlemen who drove their herds across the Great Plains.   

After that,  he had a huge career in the movies.   Check out this western collection!

You can get the whole "Rawhide" series HERE.    

You can hear the classic theme song HERE by Frankie Laine.   It is one of the most popular TV themes ever.

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