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Wednesday's show: A look at the Texas elections, CIA Director hearings & Iran nuclear deal

We will review the upcoming Democrat debate coming up on Friday.......what positions are the candidates talking?.....why no statewide TV coverage..........Iran deal and President Trump............CIA Director confirmation hearings.........and other stories....

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Wednesday's video: Iran deal not a treaty

VP Pence goes after Cuba

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We are happy to see that Vice President Mike Pence went after Cuba’s regime in a recent speech:
This year, citizens across the wider region will vote to choose their leaders and chart their future, from Colombia to Brazil to the United States and other nations.
Yet even as we celebrate this exercise in freedom, the dark cloud of tyranny still hangs heavy over too many of our neighbors in this hemisphere.
In Cuba, the longest-surviving dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere still clings to power.  For nearly 60 years, the Castro family systematically sapped the wealth of a great nation and of the Cuban people.
While the Castro name is now fading, the oppression and police state they imposed is as powerful as ever. 
Today, the United States once again stands with the Cuban people in their stand for freedom. No longer will our dollars fund Cuba’s military, security, and intelligence services – the core of that regime.
And in this administration, we will stand and we will always say, “Que Viva Cuba Libre.”
But Cuba’s leaders have never been content to stifle just their own people’s freedom.
For generations, that communist regime has sought to export its failed ideology across the wider region.
And today, the seeds of Cuban tyranny are bearing fruit in Nicaragua and Venezuela.
In your face, and nice to see it.
Like President Reagan’s famous “evil empire” line, V.P. Pence’s statements will resonate with Cuba’s dissidents.  They will hear that the U.S. cares about their freedom a lot more than the accolades of Latin American leftists who endorsed President Obama’s Cuba opening.
It also makes another point.
More and more, Latin Americans are choosing their leaders in competitive elections.  We may not like the results in every case, such as in Ecuador, but people are voting.  We also see opposition parties and candidates growing, as is evident in Mexico.
Cubans do not have that option.  They had no say on the selection of Miguel Díaz-Canel, the man selected by the Communist Party following Raúl Castro’s orders.
So it’s important to remind Cubans that someone cares about them, especially when that someone speaks for U.S. policy.
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We have a treaty provision in the US Constitution, Article 2 Section 2!

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Why was President Trump able to cancel DACA, pull out of the Iran nuclear deal or withdraw from the Paris Climate Deal?    The answer is that they were executive agreements rather than a treaty ratified by the US Senate or a law passed by Congress.    

We have a treaty provision in the US Constitution, Article 2 Section 2.    It allows the president to negotiate an agreement but only the US Senate can turn it into a treaty, or to make it legal.

Why didn't President Obama take the Iran nuclear deal or the Paris Climate Change Agreement to the US Senate for ratification?   He did not have the votes, even among many Democrats.    

As for DACA, his party had majorities but not the votes to pass it.    

So here we are and another column of the Obama legacy has collapsed.

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Big GOP vote in Ohio & good night all around

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It was a great Tuesday night for the GOP.    

In West Virginia & Indiana, the GOP nominated great candidates that have excellent chances of flipping those two US Senate seats.    

By the way, what happened to all of those polls that had Mr. Blankenship surging?   I guess that they were either wrong or got people to reconsider their support.    Blankenship was not a factor at all.

In Ohio, both parties had very contested primaries and the GOP had a great turnout:   "Republicans (827,393) drew nearly 200,000 more voters than Democrats (641,522)".

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April 2007: The Duke 3 and their parents need to hear a lot of apoligies!

A post from April 2007:

The good news is that these three young men are innocent. Frankly, it was obvious for months that the case was weak at best.

The bad news is that you won't hear a lot of apologies. Let me suggest a few apologies:

1) The news media. Why the rush to judgement? These three young men were hung before there was a trial. 

2) The irresponsible 88 professors who signed that letter. Will anyone of them resign? 

3) Mike Nifong, the prosecutor. This man needs to be punished.   (He was disbarred later)

4) The so called victim. She turned out to be a liar. I guess it was easier to accuse "rich boys" than to get an honest job!

Don't hold your breath for any apologies.

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April 2007: PM Rodriguez-Zapatero's has made Spain more vulnerable

A post from April 2007:

Everybody remembers the horrible Madrid bombing.

Everybody remembers how Spain's irresponsible PM Rodriguez-Zapatero reacted to it.

He blamed it on the invasion of Iraq, or Spanish participation in that war under the very able PM Aznar.

PM Rod-Zap won the first round. Spain is losing the rest of the war.

Spanish troops left Iraq. Al Qaeda is growing in Spain.
It wasn't supposed to happen this way. PM Rod-Zapatero thought that he could isolate Spain from the war on terror with anti-Bush-isms. Ironically, Spain is now more vulnerable than ever!

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April 2007: Will the media be more careful next time?

A post from 2007:

Media Miscarriage By Howard Kurtz should be read by all of those who cover news:

"The North Carolina AG spoke of "a tragic rush to accuse," and he just as easily could have been talking about journalists as Mike Nifong. Commentators have been chattering about whether Nifong will be disbarred, but no one gets to disbar the media."
No one can "disbar" or "impeach" the media. Yet, it would be nice if a few "pundits" would admit that they didn't know what they were talking about.

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April 2007: Senator Reid takes another political cheap shot

A post from April 2007:

Senator Harry Reid is so dishonest. Today, he said said the bombing in Iraq was further evidence that the war was going badly and U.S. troops should come home.


First, the bombing is a sign that we are dealing with an opportunist enemy. He will do whatever it takes to score points. Let's remember that the bombs went off in a parliament building. They hate democracy. They hate legislators like Sen. Reid!

Second, Senator Reid does not have the courage to cut the funding and bring the troops tomorrow. Like other Democrats, he plays word games and uses every opportunity to take cheap shots.

Third, Sen. Reid does not have the courage to see the good news from Iraq. See The Surge: First Fruits By Charles Krauthammer:
"By the day, the debate at home about Iraq becomes increasingly disconnected from the realities of the war on the ground.The Democrats in Congress are so consumed with negotiating among their factions the most clever linguistic device to legislatively ensure the failure of the administration's current military strategy -- while not appearing to do so -- that they speak almost not at all about the first visible results of that strategy.
And preliminary results are visible. The landscape is shifting in the two fronts of the current troop surge: Anbar province and Baghdad."

Again, why won't Sen. Reid call for withdrawal tomorrow? The answer is simple. Sen. Reid wants an issue rather than dealing with the consequences of taking a binding position in Iraq.

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