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Friday's show: The new budget and The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show 1964

We will look back at The Pelosi Show......the new budget deal........and The Beatles on Ed Sullivan more stories.....

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Friday's special video: 1964 and The Beatles

The Beatles made their US TV debut on Friday February 9, 1964.     
We remember Ed Sullivan and Brian Epstein....

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Friday's video: We need a balanced budget amendment

Federal spending is out of control....we need to pass a balanced budget amendment that forces the federal government to live within its means..

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The Pelosi show — high heels and all

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Let me begin by congratulating Mrs. Pelosi for speaking and standing in high heels for eight hours. It is not everyday that a 70-something man or woman can speak so long.   
So cheers for the energy!    
Let me also share my late father’s wisdom about long speeches. He saw quite a few of Fidel Castro’s multi-hour speeches. He always told me that a person who makes very long speeches usually has very little to say.
Thumbs down for Mrs. Pelosi’s hypocrisy. What if she had dedicated eight hours to doing something about immigration reform when she had the votes to pass it? I’m sure that there were many Hispanics who reacted like that.
Beyond the show, we saw Exhibit A of why the Democrats are so out of touch with the country on immigration, as Jeremy Carl wrote
The polling numbers illustrate the central reality of the weakness of the Left’s immigration position. Its viability depends almost entirely on gauzy sob stories put forth by left-wing activists and the liberal media. 
The more we talk about the actual reality of U.S. immigration policy, the more we win. The more we talk about immigrants with skills we actually need, the more we win. 
The more voters are informed, the more we win.
And I would add that the more that the Democrats call for DACA without conditions the more that they turn off people like me who are willing for a modest solution to a complicated problem.

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PC madness again

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What is the point of cancelling a tradition such as the father daughter dance?  

This is madness and an attack on our traditions, as we see in this post:  "Canceling a father-daughter dance is an incredible example of political correctness gone out of control"  

September 2006: Rosie is idiot # 1

A post from September 2006:

Last week, Rosie O'Donnell jumped to the top of the list, the idiot list. Rosie is so ignorant and confirms it every time that she opens her mouth.

As everybody knows, she is a lesbian celebrity who believes radical Islam and radical Christianity are the same.

Can we imagine what kind of life Rosie would be living in a country run by radical Muslims?

Could she be rich? No. Women are second-class citizens.

Lesbian? They kill people for that. Gay adoption? No way.

Making a statement critical of Islam? No way. Look at the Pope's remarks.

Rosie needs a reality check right between her eyes. It's a shame that no one on that TV show stood up and challenged her ignorant statements.

Let's hope that millions of housewives will vote with their remote and shut off "The view" until ABC changes the lineup.

September 2006: El Chevrolet Cubano (The Cuban Chevrolet)

A post from September 2006:

There are many Cuban-American success stories in the US.
I cannot mention all of them, from politics to business people to entertainment.

Can any Cuban top this?

This is a great story from Car and Driver called
Sail to the U.S.A. in a Chevrolet:
"In the ocean the biggest boat is still, like, a little thing,” explains Luis Grass, now 38, who in July 2003 took 11 of his family and friends and almost made it to the U.S. aboard a green 1951 Chevrolet two-ton truck he had made, if not strictly seaworthy, at least seaworthy enough."

September 2006: So long, Joe Wilson!

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As it goes, I'm a pretty good judge of character. I generally get it right. And I got it right when I wrote this about Joe Wilson last year:

"Libby's defense will put Joe Wilson on the stand. Wilson will make a fool out of himself."

I did not know in 2005 that The Washington Post would end up agreeing with me in 2006!

The liberal Washington Post put the nail in Wilson's coffin with End of an Affair:
"Nevertheless, it now appears that the person most responsible for the end of Ms. Plame's CIA career is Mr. Wilson.
Mr. Wilson chose to go public with an explosive charge, claiming -- falsely, as it turned out -- that he had debunked reports of Iraqi uranium-shopping in Niger and that his report had circulated to senior administration officials.

He ought to have expected that both those officials and journalists such as Mr. Novak would ask why a retired ambassador would have been sent on such a mission and that the answer would point to his wife.

He diverted responsibility from himself and his false charges by claiming that President Bush's closest aides had engaged in an illegal conspiracy.

It's unfortunate that so many people took him seriously."
So long Joe Wilson!

What Democrat will stand up today and apologize to VP Cheney?

What is the next stupid "anti-Bush fantasy" some Democrats will fall for next?

August 2006: The US is # 1 with venture capitalists!

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This is a post from 2006:

Despite all of the doom and gloom, the US is still # 1 for venture capitalists. Check out Study: U.S. Remains 'Best Bet' for Entrepreneurial Success:
"Although venture capitalists continue to expand globally, they say the U.S. remains the most attractive investment market, according to a study by Deloitte & Touche and the National Venture Capital Association.
"From a venture capital viewpoint, the perceptions of a brain drain from the United States to China and India are simply not true," Mark Jensen, national managing partner of Deloitte's Venture Capital Services, said in a statement.
"From a venture capital viewpoint, the perceptions of a brain drain from the United States to China and India are simply not true," Mark Jensen, national managing partner of Deloitte's Venture Capital Services, said in a statement.
"The majority of VCs surveyed worldwide, including those based in the United States, still believe the United States is the best bet for entrepreneurial success."
Why don't we hear this from our news media? Why is everything always doom and gloom?

Why is the US such an attractive place to invest?

Because the US offers political and economic stability, as well as the rule of law.

September 2006: The Wal-Mart nonsense

This is a post from 2006:

Wal-Mart as Red Herring By Robert Samuelson is the latest article on the reality of Wal-Mart:
"No company should be above public scrutiny. But much of the political criticism of Wal-Mart is shallow and, if followed, undesirable. Wal-Mart doesn't pay high wages and benefits mainly because it's in an industry (retailing) where those are rare. In 2005, average hourly wages were $10.85 for food stores, $10.63 for clothing stores and $10.84 for department stores.
As General Motors and Ford are now discovering, companies that pay above-market labor costs ultimately shrink and destroy jobs. The efforts of some local governments -- notably the Maryland Legislature and Chicago City Council -- to mandate higher labor costs on Wal-Mart are shortsighted."
Unfortunately, Wal-Mart has become the latest punching bag of the left. Why? Let me give two reasons:

1) Wal-Mart is not unionized; and, more importantly,
2) Democrats do not have ideas!

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