Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Trump vs "Morning Joe" & 2020 will be about China and the economy plus more

Trump vs "Morning Joe" & 2020 will be about China and the economy plus more 05/27 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

President Trump vs 'Morning Joe'........Twitter and fact checking.......The 2020 election will be about rebuilding the US economy and standing up to China..............and other stories......
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Wednesday’s video: Why is President Trump fighting with “Morning Joe”?.

They’ve earned someone like Kayleigh

White House reporter suspected to have coronavirus
In the age of instant news, do we even need a daily White House press briefing?  
The latest from the talking heads club is that some, from Chris Wallace to Jonah Goldberg, find Kayleigh McEnany a little “Indefensible And Grotesque.”
I’ve seen a couple of Kaleigh’s performances and it’s hard to think of her as “grotesque.”   She is self-assured, but grotesque?
After all, this is a group of reporters who ask questions like comparing the pandemic death totals to Vietnam casualties or another blamed the president because someone listened to him in February and died of the virus.   And then there is the CBS lady who took off her mask to play the “Chinese card.”
It’s obvious to me that many in this press corps are political activists, such as Jim Acosta of CNN.  They are confrontational to make news rather than to obtain information for readers and viewers.   They are like the umpire who makes controversial calls just to get his name in the sports pages.
Do you understand now why President Trump is just giving them a taste of their own medicine?  He’s tired of political activists with press passes.
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Excellent movie about Churchill in the 1930s: "Gathering Storm"

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