Friday, August 18, 2023

Friday's podcast: Politics and crossing the line......Prague 1968.....and other stories....

Friday's podcast:   

Politics and crossing the line......Prague 1968.....and other stories....

Friday's video: Biden vs Trump......Prague 1968.....and other stories....

Friday's video: 
Biden vs Trump......Prague 1968.....and other stories....


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The problem with crossing that line...

 (My new American Thinker post)

Back in the last week of the Clinton presidency, there were concerns about the legal status of President Clinton once he left Washington.  Could he have been indicted by, say Arkansas, for lying in a courtroom?  In the end the issue was resolved and Clinton admitted wrongdoing, paid a fine and lost his law license. Maybe you remember the headline: In a Deal, Clinton Avoids Indictment.   

Today, the Democrats have thrown the DoJ and now a Georgia DA at President Trump.  Could this be a case of "be careful what you wish for"? 

I found these comments very interesting by former senior Trump White House advisor Stephen Miller:    

CHARLIE KIRK: You tweeted, "A Republican DA could indict both Biden and [DHS Secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas for human trafficking." Explain.  


STEPHEN MILLER: Well it's an open and shut case. If you look at what's happening at the Southern border since January of 2021, you have both the conspiracy to violate the laws of the United States --- so a systematic conspiracy by Biden, Mayorkas, other officials in the government, [Attorney General Merrick] Garland would be involved in some of this too --- to violate the immigration laws of the United States, to enable illegal immigrants and the human traffickers and drug cartels who manage the border to bring in limited numbers of people and contraband into the United States.

You also have the suspension of ICE interior enforcement so most criminal aliens and virtually all illegal aliens are exempt from ICE enforcement. They are unable to arrest the overwhelming number of illegal aliens they would encounter on a daily basis, including those who are presently incarcerated in a prison or jail.

I agree with Mr. Miller and the full transcript is worth reading. To say the least, DAs going after President Trump have now created the precedent that the door is open for prosecution.  What about a Secretary of Homeland Security who has created his own immigration laws to oversee a border crisis?  How many deaths has this recklessness caused?  or what about going after President Obama for the deaths caused by Fast & Furious?  

In reality, this is sad and I hate that the country is now in full "banana republic mode." Our only hope is that the Supreme Court will shut down this indictment madness and restore common sense.

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Happy # 84 Joe Azcue

José Joaquín Azcue López was born in Cienfuegos, Cuba, on this day in 1939.  
Like so many others, from Minnie Minoso to Mike Cuellar to Camilo Pascual to Pedro Ramos, he played in the pre-Castro Cuban league and then the majors.
“Joe”, as he was known, broke with the Reds in 1960 and developed a reputation as a good defensive catcher.  In 1963, Joe was traded to Cleveland where he enjoyed some good seasons including a trip to the 1968 AL All Star team.  By the way, Azue joined fellow Cuban teammate Luis Tiant who started and won that game.
Azcue hit .252 over 909 games and retired with the Brewers in 1972.
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