Monday, February 10, 2020

Monday's show: New Hampshire and what's the future for pro-life Democrats & more stories

New Hampshire and what's the future for pro-life Democrats & more 02/10 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

Senator Sanders proclaims that Democrats are a pro-choice party.........New Hampshire this week and concerns about the candidates.....The Friday night Democrat debate was not good............other to listen:

Monday’s video: What about pro-life Democrats?

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Monday’s video:
What about pro-life Democrats?
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Bernie tells pro-life Democrats to go somewhere else

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How much longer will pro-life Democrats keep supporting their party?  I don’t know, but Bernie Sanders has a message for them.  
This is from the campaign trail:  
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) closed the door on pro-life Democrats Saturday night at a presidential forum called “Our Rights, Our Courts,” hosted by the Demand Justice Initiative, the Center for Reproductive Rights and NARAL Pro-Choice America.   The forum was focused on so-called “reproductive rights” per New Hampshire Democratic National Committee members Kathy Sullivan and Bill Shaheen, according to local media in the state, giving candidates the opportunity to speak on “the threat to our courts and our reproductive rights,” per an interview Sullivan gave with WMUR.Every candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination expressed unqualified support for abortion rights during the four-hour event, but Sanders was confronted, pointedly, about the “problem” of Democrats who are committed to opposing abortion, many of whom have expressed support for the Vermont socialist.He was brutal in his answer: pro-life Democrats have no place in the party.
Honestly, they have not had a place for a long time.  I’m happy that we are finally confirming it.
The Democrats’ position on “life” is shortsighted.  They are writing off a big chunk of the electorate, especially Hispanics and Catholics.
It’s up to the Trump campaign to force Democrats to defend this abortion position in every competitive district.  Let’s see how many Democrats between the coasts agree that there is no place in the party for pro-life voters.
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