Saturday, January 14, 2023

Saturday’s podcast: A chat with George Rodriguez, South Texas conservative....

Saturday’s podcast:   

A chat with George Rodriguez, South Texas conservative....

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Saturday's video: A chat with George Rodriguez, South Texas conservative....

Saturday's video: 
A chat with George Rodriguez, South Texas conservative....

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Maybe Kamala wants his Corvette


(My new American Thinker post)

Who knew that we'd be talking about President Biden's Corvette and his troves of secret documents five months after the FBI visited President Trump's home? Life does have a way of throwing you a curve ball from time to time.  Did someone say what goes around comes around?

Or maybe Jack LaLanne was right about Corvettes.  He kept a lot of housewives jumping up and down in their living rooms for years before fitness videos. This is his quote:  

Be young. Keep yourself young by having a good, sporty car like a Corvette. It keeps you on your toes. It keeps you young. It keeps you thinking young. 

It may also get you in trouble if you have sensitive documents next to your Corvette.

The Biden story is now in the hands of a special counsel. Why?  Because the Biden administration overreacted last summer and sent the FBI to pick up documents. The “hysterically obsessed with Trump Democrats” now have a document crisis that has nothing to do with the Orange Man.

What happens now? It raises a lot of questions, from the incompetence of the office managing these documents to theories about the motivation. This is from Josh Hammer:  

But perhaps the most pressing question is: Why? Why was there a leak to CBS News just now, over two months after Biden attorneys discovered the first tranche of classified documents deep in the bowels of a Penn Biden Center office? Why has there been such a slow, drip-drip, dramatic leaking and reporting of various classified document tranches throughout this whole week?   

It is thoroughly unsurprising that the federal law enforcement apparatus and the corporate media buried the news of Biden's malfeasance on the precipice of the midterm elections. The "Democrat-Media Complex," as the late Andrew Breitbart called it, demands nothing less than such complicity.

But the timing of the leak from various federal law enforcement actors now, just as Biden is beginning his second term, [sic] suggests there is real internal turmoil over at the Democratic National Committee. Perhaps someone at the DNC instructed deep state spooks that now would be a particularly propitious time to leak sordid details to the media. Perhaps someone at the DNC thought that Joe Biden did his job by shepherding his party through the midterms without succumbing to the much-feared "red wave," but that he is now disposable and should be replaced at the ballot in 2024 by Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA). Loath though I am to speculate, it is difficult to think of a sounder explanation as to why, only now, all of this is coming out.

Out to get Joe?  The timing is weird.  Or maybe Kamala wants the Corvette? I don't know, but not one Democrat last August imagined that it 'd be President Biden with a document crisis down the road.  They thought that they had Trump nailed, but not so fast. In the meantime, I will never look at a Corvette the same way.

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Happy # 84 Sandy Valdespino

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Let’s remember one of the nicest men to play major league baseball. Our family had a chance to meet him when we drove up to watch the Twins play. Back in the late 1960’s, the Braves were no longer in Milwaukee so we followed the Twins.

Hilario Borroto Valdespino was born in Cuba on this day in 1939.

He broke into pro-baseball with style hitting a 3-run homer in Midland, Texas in what they used to call Class B ball, or rookie league today. He ended that rookie season hitting .295, 11 HR, 62 RBI, and a team-leading 12 triples. Wonder what those baseball fans in Midland Texas thought of the little Cuban flying around the bases?

Sandy, as he was known, broke with the Minnesota Twins in 1965 hitting .261 and playing in 5 World Series games against the Dodgers. He was one of 4 Cubans on that team: the great Camilo Pascual, eventual AL MVP Zoilo Versalles & 3-time batting champ Tony Oliva.

We remember Sandy as one of the original 1970 Milwaukee Brewers. After going hit-less in nine at-bats he was sent to Portland or the AAA affiliate. He finished his career in 1971 with the Royals and worked as a coach for the Yankees after baseball.

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