Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Brazil: 'Tenha cuidado com o que deseja' (Be careful what you wish for)

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We know two things about Brazil:

1) They are the Portuguese speaking country of Latin America; and

2) They are passionate, and I mean really passionate, about soccer.  

We know something else this week.  Brazilians are very unhappy about the World Cup that starts later this week, as reported by The New York Times:
"While thousands poured into the streets in 2007 to celebrate Brazil’s winning bid to host the World Cup, bitter strikes are now roiling major cities. In São Paulo, where the opening match between Brazil and Croatia is just days away, riot police on Monday used tear gas to disperse striking subway workers.
Brazilian legends of the sport, from Ronaldo to Romário, are voicing shame and disgust over troubled preparations in the nation which has won the World Cup five times, more than any other."
Right now, there is a huge strike against the Sao Paulo subway. The public employees want a pay increase, even though the strike was ruled illegal.

The strike will probably end before the opening game. Sao Paolo is hosting another 5 games in the first round and public transportation is a must to get thousands of fans around.

What surprises me, and many of my Brazilian friends in the Dallas area, is how poorly planned everything about the Cup has been. A friend in the area told me Friday that many Brazilians are just plain embarrassed.  He also hinted that there are big political changes coming in Brazil.

Who would have believed all of this when crowds cheered the news that Brazil would host the Cup?  I certainly didn't.  In fact, my reaction, and probably yours, was that the Cup and Brazil were made for each other.

But it did not turn out that way as any honest Brazilian will tell you!

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