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Wednesday's video: Recession update......Abbott vs O'Rourke....and other stories

Wednesday's video: 
Recession update......Abbott vs O'Rourke....and other stories.....

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The 'Mrs. Russia' pageant has a new twist


(My new American Thinker)

Over here, we have the 'Mrs. America" pageant.  According to the group:

“Mrs. America” features the most accomplished married women of America. Each year, 51 delegates (all U.S. states plus the District of Columbia) compete for the coveted title. The winner of Mrs. America goes on to compete at Mrs. World."

Well, I am submitting a photo and resume of my wife: Mother of three sons and now three grandchildren plus making the best morning coffee in North America should qualify her.  I think that she'll pass with flying colors and be homemaker #1.

Over in Russian, they have a different idea for "Mrs. Russia".  Let's check the story:  

The Russian government announced it is reviving the Soviet-era honorary title “Mother Heroine” for women who have 10 or more children, as it confronts a population decline that has accelerated since its invasion of Ukraine.

According to a decree signed this week by President Vladimir Putin, the title will be awarded to those who “birth and raise” 10 Russian citizens, with a lump sum of 1 million Russian rubles ($16,645) received when the 10th child turns one. 

There are some additional qualifications, however. 

The children must have been given the “appropriate level of care for health, education, physical, spiritual and moral development,” the assessment process for which is not specified. 

Meanwhile, all 10 children must be alive, unless they died during military, official or civic service, or in a terrorist attack. 

The “Mother Heroine” title was established in 1944 and bestowed until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. 

Recipients will receive a medal of a five-pointed star, the decree states. 

They will be an equivalent rank to those with the titles “Hero of the Russian Federation,” usually awarded for bravery; and “Hero of Labor,” awarded for service to the state. 

It's an interesting idea, especially for a country with horrible birthrates:  It's currently 1.58 or below the 2.1 per woman necessary to keep your population going.

Will it work? Ten children is quite a task even for a woman who wants to have that many.  My suggestion to Mr. Putin is that he may have more luck by promising not to send them to die in Ukraine.

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Recession update......Abbott vs O'Rourke....and other stories

Recession update......Abbott vs O'Rourke.....College loans cancellation is a bad idea.......Russia paying women to have 10 babies.......Lenny Dawson (1935-2022) Kansas City Chiefs QB......Happy # 62 Cal Ripken......

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