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Thursday's show: The Pelosi show and other stories of the day

We will look back at The Pelosi Show, the 7 hour speech about DACA......the centrist Democrat is back for the midterms.......text messages and memos........Jules Verne 1829-1905.......and George Harrison started singing with John Lennon & Paul more stories......

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Thursday's video: The Pelosi Show

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke for 7 hours on the US House floor about DACA. She said little of consequence but instead read letters and stories about “dreamers”.

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Democratic centrists are back for another mid-term

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Back in 2006, the Democrats were out of power and looking to win the House and Senate. They did it by running “centrists,” candidates who could compete in suburban and rural districts.
Yesterday, Mike Revis scored an upset in a so-called safe GOP state district in Missouri:   
Revis, a 27-year-old procurement manager, ran on a platform as a centrist Democrat with particular focus on education, access to health care and support for the labor community, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.
State Rep. Peter Merideth, D-St. Louis, told the newspaper that Revis’ win was “enormous” and made possible only due to “a lot of grass-roots support and a hardworking, authentic moderate candidate from his community.”
The election result might signal the changing tide for the GOP that is heading into the midterm elections this year against a highly-mobilized Democratic opposition united against the president.
Afterwards, I went to Mr. Revis’ website and found that he wants to put “people before politics,” “inspire and support those with dreams of starting a business of their own and teach our young people how to become entrepreneurs,” and he is totally silent on sanctuary cities, DACA, abortion, and other complicated social issues. He speaks very vaguely about “access” to health care but does not address tax increases that may be necessary to pay for it.
Some would say that these victories are signs that there is a blue wave in the horizon. It could happen but let me add these ideas:
First, liberalism is dead outside of major cities. Mr. Revis did not invite DNC Chairman Tom Perez to show the party flag; 
Second, the Democrats are really two parties these days. On one hand, the party of Pelosi and on the other, the centrist state parties winning these elections. How is this party going to govern? Not very easily! 
Third, the GOP is assuming that the Democrats will run an “impeach Trump” campaign. They will in safe districts and go for the middle everywhere else. In other words, get ready for these Democrats with vague messages about putting people over politics rather than anything specific.
Last, but not least, the lesson is that you don’t take a district for granted. It’s all about turnout or voters.   
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July 2006: Great speech by PM al-Maliki of Iraq

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This is a post from July 2006:

It's a shame that the TV networks did not broadcast PM al-Maliki's speech. This is a part of what he said:
"I know that some of you here question whether Iraq is part of the war on terror.

Let me be very clear: This is a battle between true Islam, for which a person's liberty and rights constitute essential cornerstones, and terrorism, which wraps itself in a fake Islamic cloak; in reality, waging a war on Islam and Muslims and values.

And spreads hatred between humanity, contrary to what come in our Koran, which says, "We have created you of male and female and made you tribes and families that you know each other." Surely (inaudible) of you in the sight of God is the best concept.

The truth is that terrorism has no religion. Our faith says that who kills an innocent, as if they have killed all mankind.

Thousands of lives were tragically lost on September 11th when these impostors of Islam reared their ugly head.

Thousands more continue to die in Iraq today at the hands of the same terrorists who show complete disregard for human life." 

This message should be repeated over and over again. Islam is a great religion. Muslims are wonderful people.

This is not a war between religions. This is a war between killers and innocent people. This is a war that the good guys have to win!

Dear Senator Schumer

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Dear Senator Schumer:   Be careful about saying something in 2016 that contradicts what you said in 2014.......we got the video!  

There are a couple of points here:

a) In 2014, Senator Schumer was all for a military parade in New York City.    He is against it; and,

b)  Words are recorded these days.   You can assume that everything you said will be dug up by a blogger.

Sorry but Trump is correct about the UK health care system

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Sorry but Trump is correct about the UK health care system, as IBD reports in their editorial:    
Whatever the British leaders say about their health care system, it is failing patients every day, and it will continue to do so as long as the government continues to run it.
Trump is also right that an increasingly radicalized Democratic Party wants to import this disaster into the U.S., under the guise of "Medicare for all."
We understand that the Brits were upset with President Trump's tweet.   Nevertheless, their health care system needs massive reform.

Remember the one about throwing stones

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Remember the one about throwing stones, or as The Hill reports:
#MeToo movement lawmaker investigated for sexual misconduct allegations-----California legislator cut national profile as activist against sexual harassment.  
What goes around comes around or something like that.

The latest numbers on Obama Care

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John Sexton always to the point:    
But for now, Obamacare trudges on thanks mostly to those generous subsidies and the enrollees who are growing increasingly comfortable with having the taxpayers cover most of the cost of their health insurance.
And that's also why Obama Care is failing and premiums going up.

A DACA clean bill?

The Clintons have been a disaster since going national in 1992.

August 2006: Republicans are winning the baby battle!

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A post from 2006:

Birth rates?

This is not a new subject. David Brooks wrote about it after the '04 election. He called it The New Red-Diaper Babies, a reference to the reality that Republicans are having babies and Democrats are not.

Check out Brooks:
"As Steve Sailer pointed out in The American Conservative, George Bush carried the 19 states with the highest white fertility rates, and 25 of the top 26. John Kerry won the 16 states with the lowest rates.

In The New Republic Online, Joel Kotkin and William Frey observe, "Democrats swept the largely childless cities - true blue locales like San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Boston and Manhattan have the lowest percentages of children in the nation - but generally had poor showings in those places where families are settling down, notably the Sun Belt cities, exurbs and outer suburbs of older metropolitan areas."
What does this mean? The answer may be in today's article by Arthur C. Brooks (no relation to the aforementioned David Brooks) The fertility gap:
"Simply put, liberals have a big baby problem: They're not having enough of them, they haven't for a long time, and their pool of potential new voters is suffering as a result.

According to the 2004 General Social Survey, if you picked 100 unrelated politically liberal adults at random, you would find that they had, between them, 147 children.

If you picked 100 conservatives, you would find 208 kids.

That's a "fertility gap" of 41%."

Beyond numbers, I believe that we are seeing the cultural divide in the US. Again, let's read from Brooks:
"The fertility gap doesn't budge when we correct for factors like age, income, education, sex, race--or even religion.
Indeed, if a conservative and a liberal are identical in all these ways, the liberal will still be 19 percentage points more likely to be childless than the conservative.
Some believe the gap reflects an authentic cultural difference between left and right in America today."
This is exactly right!

This divide showed up in the 2004 presidential vote. This is how people voted, according to a CNN exit poll:

Bush won the Protestant vote (59-40) and the Catholics (52-47%). These two groups represented 75% of the electorate.

Bush won the Church attendance vote (61-39%).

Bush won the married vote (57-42%) and married with children (59-41%).

This "fertility gap" makes sense.

Thank you Republican parents. Thank you for doing your part!

Rasmussen 13th month: Trump better than Obama

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We don't live or die by polls but this is interesting for two reasons:

First, it compares the two men at a similar point in their presidency; and,

Second, Rasmussen has been a very reliable pollster over the years.

Add to the mix that the media was overwhelmingly positive to # 44 and very negative to # 45.

Here are the numbers in the 13th month of the presidency:

Rasmussen Feb 2010:   President Obama 44% approval
Rasmussen Feb 2018:   President Trump 48% approval

Not surprised to see this headline

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Not surprised to see this headline:   "Since #MeToo, the Number of Men Who Are Uncomfortable Mentoring Women Has Tripled....."  

We are seeing the unintended consequences of this movement.    

I can understand a man's hesitation here.   You can be accused by anyone and immediately put on defense.    So men are doing the rational thing by avoiding businesswomen in private.

Good news for owner of bakery in California

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Good headline out of California:   
"A Kern County judge on Monday night ruled in favor of the owner of Tastries Barkery, who the State of California argued in court engaged in unlawful discrimination when she decided not sell a custom wedding cake to a gay couple."
A similar case out of Colorado will be decided by the US Supreme Court in June.

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