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Friday's show: Sonic attack in Cuba, Mueller probe under fire, John Lennon 1980 and more

We will look at the Mueller investigation under fire......US diplomats hurt in Cuba and no one knows what happened.....Franken is out but is it he really out?........Alabama is looking better for Moore but he will have problems once he gets to the US Senate.......John Lennon other stories of the day...........

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Friday's video: Senator Franken and a few memories of December 8th

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The Hispanic unemployment rate in the US is now 4.7%, a very low number.

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Cuban crickets gone wild…or something

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We continue to follow the “sonic attack” story, the mystery of how U.S. diplomats in Cuba were attacked by something as yet unidentified that caused severe injuries in some cases.  A few weeks ago, the Cuban government blamed it on “crickets” – a rather bizarre explanation, since I never heard my Cuban parents or grandparents ever talk about crickets attacking people.
What exactly two dozen Americans experienced at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba – in incidents last year and then again in August – remains a mystery to science and the FBI.  
They have alternately been blamed on a high-tech sonic weapon or a mysterious disease, and have caused a diplomatic crisis because U.S. officials blame Cuba for the attacks.
Now physicians are preparing to release a report on what happened to the people who heard the sounds, the AP reports, including physical changes in their brains.
Workers and their spouses at the U.S. diplomatic compound in Havana began complaining of maladies in late 2016, as Anne Gearan wrote for The Washington Post, after hearing strange, localized sounds in their homes.
We understand that an investigation is underway and a conclusion is pending.  However, Cuba is running out of excuses in this case.
Something happened in Cuba, and it was ugly.  Let me repeat: I never heard from my parents, grandparents, or any other family anything about Cuban crickets targeting U.S. diplomats or anybody else.
So let’s stop blaming crickets, or ghosts, and hold the Cuban government accountable for these attacks on U.S. diplomats.
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GOP tax plan will drive more taxpayers from "high tax" California, NY & Illinois to "no income tax Texas"..

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Where is the Mexican Uribe?

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Over the years, the Mexican political class was happy to blame US consumers for drug cartels.   Indeed, drug users are the consumers sending millions of dollars south of the border. 

However, Mexico is not free of blame, as we have seen in the spread of violence and corruption related to drug cartels.

Mexico needs to borrow a page from President Uribe's playbook!  

Alvaro Uribe was the courageous Colombian leader who is fought "narco traficantes" head on.  

Beyond fighting cartels, Mexico has to look at the scale of the lawlessness, its geographical reach and the apparent inability of the government to keep it in check.    

Where is Mexico going?  Who knows?   I don't know for sure.    However, it would be wise for Mexico's next president to sit down with Alvaro Uribe for a  long chat:

The 3 "sickos"

Let's see:  OJ killed his wife. Saddam killed thousands and used chemical weapons twice & Michael Jackson did not release a decent album in 25 years.

Cartoon of the day: The UN is a first rate joke

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This is a good cartoon.   Unfortunately, we are talking about the UN and we pay 22% of the budget.

Krugman, the man who predicted a major collapse after Trump's election

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As I mentioned in previous posts, Paul Krugman is usually wrong.  In fact, he is normally wrong.

A year ago, Krugman was predicting an economic collapse after the election of Donald Trump.     It went like this:   
Calling Trump the "mother of all adverse effects," the Nobel Prize-winning economist predicted that the GOP nominee's administration could quickly undo the progress that the markets around the world have made in the eight years since the financial crisis.     
"Under any circumstances, putting an irresponsible, ignorant man who takes his advice from all the wrong people in charge of the nation with the world's most important economy would be very bad news," he wrote. "What makes it especially bad right now, however, is the fundamentally fragile state much of the world is still in."
Maybe he will get it right one of these days.   However, he has been wrong many times.    

Paul Krugman: The man who is always predicting a recession

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How many times has Paul Krugman predicted a recession? 

I've stopped counting but here are some examples:
""[R]ight now it looks as if the economy is stalling..." — Paul Krugman, September 2002
"We have a sluggish economy, which is, for all practical purposes, in recession..." — Paul Krugman, May 2003
"An oil-driven recession does not look at all far-fetched." — Paul Krugman, May 2004
"[A] mild form of stagflation - rising inflation in an economy still well short of full employment - has already arrived." — Paul Krugman, April 2005
"If housing prices actually started falling, we'd be looking at [an economy pushed] right back into recession. That's why it's so ominous to see signs that America's housing market ... is approaching the final, feverish stages of a speculative bubble." — Paul Krugman, May 2005
"In fact, a growing number of economists are using the "R" word [i.e., "recession"] for 2006." - Paul Krugman, August 2005
"But based on what we know now, there’s an economic slowdown coming." - Paul Krugman, August 2006
"this kind of confusion about what’s going on is what typically happens when the economy is at a turning point, when an economic expansion is about to turn into a recession" - Paul Krugman, December 2006
"Right now, statistical models ... give roughly even odds that we’re about to experience a formal recession. ... [T]he odds are very good — maybe 2 to 1 — that 2007 will be a very tough year." - Paul Krugman, December 2006 
Seven or eight........I can't keep up! 

If Krugman was a business consultant, he wouldn't have any customers.   If he was a sports pundit, he'd be unemployed.

Moral of the story:  Don't listen to Krugman!

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