Thursday, March 12, 2020

President Trump speaks and other virus stories plus more

President Trump speaks and other virus stories plus more 03/12 by Silvio Canto Jr | Politics:

President Trump speaks to the nation on the virus......The NBA stops playing.....Italy closed......FDR fireside chats 1933....The Truman Doctrine 1947........Happy # 73 Mitt Romney........other to listen:

Thursday’s video: The virus and a presidential response.....

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Thursday’s video:
The virus and a presidential response.....
click to watch:

1974: "Eres tu" by Mocedades became a favorite for people learning Spanish

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"Eres tu" was the best thing that ever happened to Spanish class teachers.  

In other words, what could be better than a pop song in Spanish that every student wanted to learn?

Mocedades from Spain hit US radio this month and the results were a Top 10 hit called "Eres tu".    It was a great pop song:

He was not "Santo Allende"

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A few months ago we wrote about General Pinochet of Chine.  

We admitted that Pinochet made mistakes.    However, I am fed up with the left's canonization of Salvador Allende.

Let me repeat it: He was not Santo Allende!

See Augusto Pinochet: The Untold Story by Humberto Fontova:
By the time of Pinochet's coup, an estimated 31,000 Cuban, Soviet bloc and Communist operatives infested Chile, including Castro's top terrorist spymasters, Antonio De La Guardia and his (nominal) boss Manuel "Barbarroja" Pineiro."Among the hundreds of Soviet personnel were KGB luminaries Viktor Efremov, Vasili Stepanov and Nikolai Kotchanov."
Yes, Pinochet probably cracked a few too many heads. At the same time, Allende tried to force a leftist revolution that Chileans did not vote for in 1970.

Was Pinochet perfect? I said that he wasn't!

Was Allende a Saint? Not at all.

Allende left an economic mess.  Pinochet left the best economy in Latin America.

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