Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Fathers Day 2020

We take a minute today and say "Happy Fathers Day" to that very special man in our lives.

In my case, my brother, sister & I were blessed with a father who taught us the right way and always set the example.

Like other Cuban fathers, my dad decided to leave Cuba because he wanted his children to grow up in a free country.  He did not want us to live in a secular, anti-God and communist dictatorship.

Thank you father and rest in peace.

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Happy Father's Day: Fathers, sons and baseball.

Who's Your Daddy? Sports Events are Ready to Cater to Him on ...
In my book “Cubanos in Wisconsin“, I related stories of watching baseball games with our late father.  

It seems like we spent every Sunday going to church, running home to grab our hats, on a bus to the stadium, cheering for the players, eating too much food and then going home exhausted from such a wonderful day.    

Like many others, we left Cuba and came to the US.    Our love for baseball got stronger every year.   We attended baseball games with my father in Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Texas.  

Baseball gave us an opportunity to bond with our dad.   He taught us to calculate batting averages and to appreciate a good pitching effort.    

Every Father’s Day, I think of my father and all of those games we watched over time.      

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