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Texas and the 2016 election with George Rodriguez


Texas and the 2016 election with George Rodriguez 11/01 by Silvio Canto Jr | News Podcasts:

Guest:  George Rodriguez, South Texas conservative activist.......we will look at the state of the US election and how Texas will vote...........and other stories of the week.........

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Clinton and Nixon meet again

It’s Halloween and the ghost of Richard Nixon is knocking at the door of the Clinton home. It’s amazing how today’s events have reconnected the two once again.    
Back in 1974, Hillary Rodham (who later became Mrs. Clinton) was a young ambitious young woman looking to nail President Nixon.     Today, events are going to nail Mrs. Clinton.    
In the end, the child of Watergate learned nothing from the scandal, as J. T. McFarland wrote today:
No one knows where this new FBI investigation will lead. Maybe, as with Nixon and Watergate, Secretary Clinton’s most trusted aides will be forced to testify against her to protect themselves. Maybe the Justice Department will charge Secretary Clinton with a crime. Maybe the political fallout will be so significant she will lose the election. Maybe she will be elected but unable to govern effectively because her presidency will be dogged for months, and even years, by investigations and scandals. No one can know that now.
What we do know is that this is not going away. Hillary advanced through her political career thinking if she could always destroy the evidence she and the rest of Clinton Inc. could never be held responsible for their actions. 
That was the wrong lesson to learn from Watergate. The right lesson was don’t do the crime in the first place.  
The ghost of Watergate still roams the corridors of power. This won’t be a Happy Halloween for Hillary.
Bill Clinton did not see the “blue dress” coming. Hillary Clinton did not see the emails or Wikileaks.    
In the end, the Clintons are like poison in the body politic. They pollute us and destroy all the people who have carried their water for years.   
The Clintons’ current problems also speak volumes of the state of the Democrat Party. Where was the Democrat who called on her to drop out a year ago? Unfortunately, there are no such Democrats anymore because this is a party bought and paid for by the Clintons. They own this party and they will destroy it.
Mrs. Clinton may win because of their massive ground game. How will she govern? She can’t!
Maybe she can get advice from the ghost of Nixon. Twice, Richard Nixon put the country over his ambitions.   
In 1960, VP Nixon had credible evidence of vote fraud in Texas and Illinois. He could have challenged the results and drag it out for weeks. He decided otherwise and put the country first. No one was more grateful than president-elect Kennedy.
In the summer of 1974, he could have dragged out the impeachment process and fought conviction in the U.S. Senate. He didn’t and saved us again from a nightmare.
It’s time for Mrs. Clinton to do a Nixon and resign if she is elected. Doug Schoen is right that the country cannot afford a President Clinton in this moment of serious challenges.
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