Monday, June 12, 2017

UK elections & Washington politics with Barry Casselman

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45 and counting…

Wonder what will happen first? Will the whole country be without ObamaCare insurers before the GOP Senate comes up with a replacement?    
According to the New York Times the race is on:
Next year, about 35,000 people buying insurance in Affordable Care Act marketplaces in 45 counties could have no carriers to choose from. 
This would be the first time that has happened since the marketplaces were opened in 2014.
The estimate is based on a New York Times analysis that also found that about 3 million people in 1,388 counties could have just one insurer available to them.  
And it only gets worse after next year:   
Most people who buy insurance in the Obamacare marketplaces receive federal subsidies to offset the cost of premiums. In places without any insurers, customers may not have affordable options.
Typically, markets with fewer insurers have also seen larger increases in prices, according to research by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Urban Institute.
Really? Fewer insurers mean large price in prices? My old Korean Economics 101 professor would have been proud to hear that. He spent years trying to explain supply and demand and ObamaCare has made it clear in less than four years!
It’s fascinating to see this article in the context of our politics.   
The Democrats keep saying that the GOP wants to leave people without health care. Am I the only who concluded that the Affordable Health Care Act is the one leaving people without affordable health care options?     
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Happy birthday # 93 President Bush

Pres. GHW Bush is 93 today and he looks great. I guess that all of those years of jogging have paid off for the former president.

Here is a big part of the GHW Bush story:
"On his 18th birthday he enlisted in the armed forces.

The youngest pilot in the Navy when he received his wings, he flew 58 combat missions during World War II.

On one mission over the Pacific as a torpedo bomber pilot he was shot down by Japanese antiaircraft fire and was rescued from the water by a U. S. submarine.

He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery in action."
After the war, Bush married Barbara and headed for Texas. He became a successful businessman and later went into politics.

Happy birthday Pres. Bush! I was very proud to vote for you in 1988 and 1992!

Thank you for your war service and everything else!

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