Friday, June 24, 2016

House Democrats behaving like Latin American lefties

Some of us have seen this movie before.
Over the last few years, we’ve seen news reports from Latin America of left-wing legislators, or the interest groups that they support, chanting and going out of control when they don’t get their way.    
Recently, the teachers’ union in Mexico blocked the entrances to the Mexico City airport or last week a confrontation with authorities followed their attempts to close the heavily used highway to Puebla.
Let’s add some members of the U.S. House to that list of legislators or activists who want their way even it means stepping on other people’s rights.
The House Democrats, many literally sitting on the floor, want a vote on gun control. Unfortunately for them, the majority in the House, or the people elected by voters across the country, would rather take up other issues.    
We call it democracy. In other words, the majority party sets the calendar. Just ask the GOP senators who wanted then-Majority Leader Reid to bring ObamaCare to a vote on the floor.
Incredibly, Rep. John Lewis is connecting this sit-in with his illustrious past civil rights experience:
“Today we made progress. We have come a distance,” declared Lewis.
Lewis said he had to walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge “three times” before he had completed the march to Selma, Ala. The Georgia Democrat suggested this was the first step on firearms.
“We have other bridges to cross. And when we come back in July, we start it all over again,” intoned Lewis.
At the same time, the hypocrisy of these Democrats is incredible given their silence about the shootings in Chicago.  
Why don’t they get on a plane and block the street corners in Chicago where this violence is happening every weekend?    
Why don’t they visit the churches and instituions of Chciago and call for an end to the mindless shooting?   
Why not back the Chicago police that have to go into these areas every night?   
Why not call on black leaders to have a frank discussion of the root causes of black on black crime in our cities? After all, Chicago already has a lot of gun laws.
The House Democrats are engaged in the worst type of grandstanding. We need dissent, but this is not dissent. This is chaos that threatens our rule of law.
Shame on Democrats. I never thought that we would ever see this in the U.S.
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