Thursday, January 11, 2024

Thursday's podcast: A chat with Allan Wall about Mexico, the border and migrants


Guest:   Allan Wall, blogger and political contributor.....Mexico, the border and migrants....and other stories....

Thursday's video: A chat about Mexico with Allan Wall

Thursday's video: 
 A chat about Mexico with Allan Wall.......


AMLO talking, Biden listening

President Andres Lopez-Obrador of Mexico, is known as AMLO and is a man who knows that President Biden's border policy is a problem up here. So he figures that this is the moment to get something for nothing. This is what AMLO wants…..

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A word about January 11

On this day in 1989, we watched President Reagan’s farewell speech.  It was probably more emotional than political for those of us who got involved in politics because of the Reagan candidacy.  (I still have Reagan ’76 bumper stickers!)

He did say something that night that we should think about, as Steven F. Hayward reminded us:

“Reagan bestowed full credit on the American people rather than himself.” 

 Frankly, that’s the lesson future presidents could learn from President Reagan’s speech.  Accept responsibility for your mistakes, but give the people all of the credit.We still love President Reagan so many years later.

On this day in 1973 or 2 months before players reported to spring training, the American League adopted the “Designated Hitter” effective for the upcoming season. By the way, Ron Bloomberg of the Yankees was the first DH in AL history.   He came to bat in a game at the old Yankee Stadium.

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