Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday's show: Air Florida crash 1982, "The darkest hour" movie and a few other stories....

We will look back the 1982 Air Florida crash in Washington was a day of tragedy and heroism......we look at the politics and selective indignation over President Trump's "hole" remarks......they are praising President Trump in the streets of AT post about "The darkest hour".....Robert Stack (1919-2003).......Keith Jackson died at 89...............

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Saturday's video: President Trump and what he said

We don’t really know what President Trump advice to President Trump is to remember that his opponents will use everything against don’t make it easy for advice to Democrats don’t be so to watch:

July 2010: A chat with Jack Kelly about national security

We spoke with Jack Kelly, national security expert and journalist.

You can read Mr. Kelly's articles by clicking here!

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Durbin 2016 vs 2010............

Dems and companies paying bonuses

March 2006: Well done, Supreme Court!

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The Roberts Court has made a wonderful decision:
"The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday that colleges that accept federal money must allow military recruiters on campus, despite university objections to the Pentagon's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays." (,2933,186936,00.html)
Well done.

The 2010 Dream Act clean bill that did not pass a Senate with 59 votes!

Great blogs to follow

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Since 2004, I have followed RCP daily. It is a wonderful web site. Yesterday, I noticed that RCP has a new look.

Let me congratulate the RCP leaders for their good work. At the same time, let me recommend RCP to all of my friends.

You can link to RCP:

Along with Power Line (, they are my favorite daily doses of political blogs and commentary.

The anti-Trump-ies always overreact.....

March 2006: Raul Rivero speaks about Cuba!

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Raul Rivero knows a lot about repression. Don't expect George Clooney to make a movie about his life in one of Castro's political prisons. Nevertheless, Rivero is a prize-winning journalist and poet who was jailed for political reasons with dozens of other Cuban dissidents in March 2003. He was released from prison on medical grounds in the fall of 2004 and now lives in Madrid.

Rivero has just written a wonderful article: "False Friends: Fidel's newfound supporters are doing ordinary Cubans no favors".

For years, we have watched Latin American lefties, as well as many others in the West, make excuses for Castro. They overlook his political prisons and repression. They do this because they hate the US more than they love the Cuban people.

Years ago, Castro visited Buenos Aires. He was greeted by a group of youngsters, who treated him like a grandfather.

In reality, none of these Buenos Aires youngsters would survive one day in Cuba. As Rivero points out, most of these lefties would reject living in Castro's Cuba:

"The food-ration card that dates back to 1962, a totally controlled press, a legal gag order on free thought, and paramilitary brigades with clenched fists on the lookout for counterrevolutionary tendencies. For me, who like so many other Cubans wound up in jail for daring to speak out and report on the harsh realities in my country, the public, uncritical embrace that certain political leaders bestow on Fidel Castro only serves to prolong the suffering of my people. He milks those encounters for all the propaganda he can to feed to his apparatchiks."
It's time for Latin American leaders to get over their "anti-yankismo" and start seeing the true Castro.   The Cuban people could use a little support rather than more embracing of their corrupt dictator.

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